Pool heating Brisbane – options

It has always been a cherished dream of many people to own a swimming pool. It is a great thing to have but not until you can plunge into the water anytime you like all round the year. Well to be honest you can … Read more

Sofar Solar Mass Energy Solar Inverter Review

Sofar Solar Mass Energy solar inverters are manufacture by Shenzen Sofar Solar, which is based in China. The company specializes in the production of solar panels as well as solar inverters. Their… Read more

In Queensland, there are over half a million home solar systems installed. The state currently leads when it comes to solar penetration in Australian. If you are considering solar power in the state, here are details about the state’s solar… Read more

Best Solar Inverters for Brisbane

If you decide to install solar power in Brisbane, one of the core requirements is a solar inverter. The inverter converts the DC power from the solar panel into AC, which the electronic devices in your home run… Read more

One of the newest solar inverters for sale in 2020. Brisbane customers love them!

Huawei Solar Inverter Review

Huawei is a large global corporation with a focus on the tech sector. While the company is best known for its mobile devices and communication… Read more

CSUN solar panels reviews

csun solar panels-logo - selling csun solar panels in brisbane and gold coast

China Sun Energy, or CSUN as they are more commonly known, is one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels in the world. In the past the business operations of CSUN was mainly focused on producing solar cells for … Read more

Do you want to know what the biggest Single phase inverter we can install on your property?

Fronius make a 8.2kw Primo (Single Phase inverter). This can be hooked up to a Mammoth 10.9kw of panels. That’s a near 11kw System. To do this you … Read more

REC Solar Panels – The European giant

Founded in Norway in 1996 REC Solar is currently the largest European solar module manufacturer.
Despite being founded later than most of its European competitors like Solar World and SolarWatt,
REC Solar… Read more

Buy Solar System ON finance and pay it off

Want to purchase a solar system in Brisbane and not have enough money required to purchase the system? We can help you with our Zero dollar deposit options.

You simply put $0 down and then agree to finance… Read more

Electroy Solar Bankrupt

From sloped roof installations to flat roof tilt-up arrays and building integrated models, possibilities for commercial solar power generation are varied and numerous. Companies joining in on the solar trend have… Read more

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