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Hyundai Solar Panels Review

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We are not sure where the LG and Hyundai solar panels get all their good reviews from. Often you hear of large companies who are already established in other areas and industries jump on the solar bandwagon.

Companies such as Bosch, Hyundai, LG, Sanyo….The list of these established companies is large and goes on for quite some time.

There are two ways of looking at this, you could look at a company, for example Bosch, and say, wow what a wonderful German company that has been around further such a long time.everybody has heard of Bosch and what they have done in their own market and industries, and they are from Germany, they must be great!

Hyundai solar panels
Hyundai, not only make cars, but Hyundai Solar panels too!

Look, Hyundai are now making Hyundai solar panels. This is incredible, as everyone knows that their cars that they make are now pretty good. I have a Hyundai car as a second car, just like everyone else and it has proved to be reliable in the time that I have owned it. Now that I trust Hyundai as a brand, I would be more inclined to trust them as a Hyundai solar panel manufacturer!

Or then there is the other way you can look at it. “I think Hyundai is a great car manufacturer. Hell, I even used to have a old Excel, and it was a great little car. Actually one of the best little cars I have ever owned. But as they have never been proved or tried in anything apart from the automotive industry, I would be very cautious at buying something so distant from a car, being a solar panel, I don’t think I will directly engage my business with high Hyundai just yet.”


The people with the thought above, are people that think just like me. I can see past the good brand and marketing strategy that I believe that these companies are trying to use as leverage to sell solar panels and other products that differentiate greatly from their areas of expertise. I simply see it as a clever company wishing to make some extra pocket money, get into a whole new market and industry just because they can, because they are already trusted as a trustworthy company, not being in the solar industry, but just by the public in general.

Whether or not these companies that I have listed above make good solar panels or not, that is yet to be seen. However, I do believe the proof of this will be brought forward in a few years time when we see just how reliable some manufacturers solar panels and inverters are.

Hyundai Solar Panels installed in Australia

Around 12 months ago, we did our first install using Hyundai solar panels for a customer in Helensvale. I suggested that he could get a proven solar panel for a cheaper price, and that I thought that he was crazy to spend so much money on a proven panel that we have not tried or tested ourselves. However, the man did not want anything to do with the solar panels I was suggesting that he install on his Gold Coast roof. He was not worried about the financial side of things, and ordered the Hyundai solar panels to be installed regardless of the cost to the customer.

Within a month we had the solar panels installed on his house. The Hyundai solar panels, as predicted were not performing like one of the premium solar panels we had on offer full stop we showed the customer data of a Seraphim solar system installed on a garage roof just a few streets away and the performance that the Seraphim solar system was exporting. The customer did not care, he was just happy he had bought a Hyundai solar system to match his Hyundai Accent in his garage.

We can order in Hyundai Solar Panels, just as we did this guy if you must have them.

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