Hyundai Solar Panels installed in Brisbane November 2020

Hyundai Solar Panels Review 2022 update

Hyundai SG Shingled Cell Solar Panels Review

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Hyundai Solar panels have been selling solar panels in Australia since 2009. That’s over 11 years now in the Australian solar market! In 2020 they have come to the market with their newest and most impressive solar panel yet, the Hyundai HiE-S350SG.

In 2022, Hyundai panels have lost a bit of popularity as TW started selling the panels direct in Australia, just without the Hyundai brand on it.

black Hyundai Solar panels
Customers love the look of the black-framed Hyundai Solar Panels

How is the new Hyundai Shingled solar panel different?

There are now 2 types of solar panels on the market, your traditional half-cell panel and now the Shingled cell variant. These new Shingled solar panels are different from the half-cell or half-cut solar panel that is split into 2 pieces, whereas the new Shingled cell solar panel by Hyundai Solar is split 5 times.

This is a newer technology of solar panels that are manufactured by TW Solar.

This means that if shading is on 1/5th of both the panels, the standard half-cut will only pump out 50% of what it could but the Hyundai Shingled cell solar panel would still be boosting along at a sly 80%. 30% more power on tap to feed into your solar inverter – who wouldn’t want that?

Hyundai Shingled cell solar panel explanation
This new Shingled Cell Solar technology is a game-changer. While Hyundai is a well-known South Korean brand, the cost of these has been brought down as they are Made in China, but to Hyundai’s high standards.

Further Reading – Click below to read the files presented by Hyundai explaining in great detail what they have done with their new SG Series solar panels released in October 2020.


Hyundai Shingled PV Module Introduction Presentation October 2020


Hyundai Energy Solutions SG series 350W Shingled data sheet (AUS)

Hyundai solar panels
Hyundai, not only makes cars but Hyundai Solar panels too!


How long is the warranty on Hyundai Solar panels?

This is the exciting part. Hyundai released news last year that let us know that Hyundai is also part of a small number of solar panel manufacturers who give a warranty for 25 years on the full panel. This is different from the standard 25-year performance warranty, as a 12-year product warranty is what that the Chinese Solar Manufacturer usually offers.

That’s right, Hyundai offers a full replacement warranty on their solar panels up to 25 years, a total 25-year warranty.

The video above talks about the 25-year product warranty that is now standard with Hyundai solar panels

Hyundai SG Solar Panels review and warranty period

Hyundai Solar Panel in the Australian Market

Look, Hyundai is now no longer just making Hyundai automobiles. This is incredible, as everyone knows that the cars that they make are now pretty good.

A common Hyundai solar panel buyer has the sentiment, “I have a Hyundai car as a second car just like many people and it has proved to be reliable in the time that I have owned it. Now that I trust Hyundai as a brand, I would be more inclined to trust them as a Hyundai solar panel manufacturer!

However, the solar system buyer also looked at it this way: “I think Hyundai is a great car manufacturer. Hell, I even used to have an old Excel, and it was a great little car. Actually one of the best little cars I have ever owned. But as they have never been proved or tried in anything apart from the automotive industry, I would be very cautious at buying something so distant from a car, being a solar panel, I don’t think I will directly engage my business with high Hyundai just yet.” – This was a likely quote around 2012-2013. Hyundai was new, it’s understandable. However the truth is now non-disputable, Hyundai Solar panels have been here in Australia for over a decade, since near the beginning of the on-grid solar boom. They’ve been cooperative in replacing previous dead solar panels in Australia from years prior. It can now confidently be said that Hyundai Solar panels are premium panels and make a great choice to install on your house or business.

You can click here to see our pricing on solar systems that includes Hyundai Solar panels.

The next solar panel ‘up’ from this one that we sell is the German-made, Solarwatt Solar panel – You can read about it here.


The below was what we wrote about them back in 2014.

The people with the thought above, are people that think just like me. I can see past the good brand and marketing strategy that I believe these companies are trying to use as leverage to sell solar panels and other products that differ greatly from their areas of expertise. I simply see it as a clever company wishing to make some extra pocket money, get into a whole new market and industry just because they can, because they are already trusted as a trustworthy company, not being in the solar industry, but just by the public in general.

Whether or not these companies that I have listed above make good solar panels or not, is yet to be seen. However, I believe the proof of this will be brought forward in a few years when we see just how reliable some manufacturer’s solar panels and inverters are.

Hyundai Solar Panels installed in Brisbane

Hyundai Solar Panels installed in Brisbane November 2020
These are some of the latest Hyundai SG solar panels we installed in November 2020. They are a Dark Blue-Black colour that looks sleek, modern, and amazing!


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