lg letter to customers about their warranty

LG are no longer manufacturing solar panels

Late February, 2021, LG made a quiet announcement on their website that they were no longer manufacturing solar panels anymore. Most of us retailers that sold LG solar panels actually learned of this via social media and various news websites. We weren’t emailed by LG themselves.


One could be forgiven thinking that LG’s website was actually hacked, given that just a few weeks earlier they were talking up their new panels and how excited they were to see the new NeON H+ hit the market.

After not being contacted by anyone from LG I wrote a post on LinkedIN, which I’d rather not share here. The post basically had me write about my confusion as to what exactly is going on with LG Solar Panels. I have at least one customer who I know of that has paid a deposit for LG panels whilst waiting for their roof restoration to take place.

LG came across the post and has since cleared some things up with me via a phone call and an email.

  • LG warranty will still be offered by LG Electronics now, not LG Solar, I believe. LG stress that there is, and forever will be a warranty on their existing solar panels sold.
  • LG Solar Panels are still available and still being sold. I have no idea if this ‘new range’ that was unveiled recently can be purchased or never will make it to market.


  • LG Solar has asked me to review what I wrote and possibly edit it or take it down altogether. It’s just an opinion piece by an uneducated scumbag solar salesman who was confused and still is a bit. How come I didn’t get this letter? Did my customers get this letter? What about LG solar panel customers who were installed by a solar retailer that went out of business, did they get the letter, do they even need the letter?
  • In the article I wrote about us selling German-made Solarwatt panels as an alternative to LG panels, I was told that I shouldn’t undermine LG to help me sell SolarWatt panels, but in my simple-head it’s the best selling point. Solarwatt does solar panels as a higher percentage of their business than LG ever did, and they’re still around. I’m not sure how that is my or SolarWatt’s problem. Same with Jinko. We will only know in time who truly has had the better warranty over the last 25 years, in 25 years’ time. It’s very reassuring to see LG Electronics takeover from LG Solar.
  • lg letter to customers about their warranty

I still am wondering what to do with the person I took a deposit from in return for an LG Solar System. Do I just buy her LG solar panels from the wholesaler (if there are any left by the time this roof actually gets repaired) or do I redirect her back to the Solar System Price page on our website because she’s been informed of the story about LG finishing up with solar panels for the time being. I think with the confidence I’ve been given from LG, I will try and get her some LG panels, as I’ve been told there is absolutely nothing to alarm anyone about. Sounds good to me.

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