Jinko Solar Panels Review 2022 update

Solar Panels Review: Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko 2022 Solar review update

It is now 2022 and we still haven’t had any issues with the Jinko solar panels we have been installing since 2012.

We are excited to again start selling the new Jinko Neo N-type panels – Read about them here.



Jinko solar Australia
QLD Solar and Lighting have a very strong relationship with Jinko Solar panels!

We have predominately matched Jinko Solar Panels with an SMA Sunnyboy inverter, and the main sized solar system has been between 5 and 6 kw, with I’d say 90% being a 6kw Jinko/SMA solar system.


We have a new Jinko special on at the moment for 2022. The new Neo N Type panel. with Growatt inverter – 6.6kw $6500 fully installed!

On the odd occasion have we seen a Jinko paired with a zeversolar inverter, as the price difference between the best (German made SMA Sunnyboy inverter) and a good Chinese inverter (SMA Zeversolar) is only around $1000 these days, which equates to just a 6 month longer wait on the average return on investment for a 6kw solar system. Simply put, it’s a bit of a no-brainer to steer towards the forever tried-and-proven reliability of the German Manufactured SMA inverter.

Did you know that the largest Solar Farm in Australia is made out of Jinko Solar panels? Click here to read about the Royalla Solar Farm and Jinko’s involvement.



Did you know that Jinko and LG panels were the only solar panel tested by Choice Magazine that had produced at least their claimed power!!

Choice Solar testing 2016
Choice Magazine Solar Testing sees Jinko being one of the top performers – but no surprise to QLD Solar and Lighting
Choice Solar testing 2016
Click to Enlarge and Study the Jinko Solar Panel Test results.

Are Jinko a Tier 1 Solar Panel?

Jinko are a Tier 1 Solar panel Manufacturer. Let me add to this. JinkoSolar are registered on the New York Stock Exchange. You can see them at (NYSE: JKS).

Jinko Solar are not at all a ‘CHEAP CHINESE SOLAR PANEL’.  They build a VERTICALLY INTEGRATED Quality Solar panel.

This means that Jinko solar panels manufacture the entire solar panel themselves. Jinko do not rely on any other company to source their components.

Jinko Solar are currently manufacturing over 2GW of wafers and Silicon, 2.5 GW of Solar cells and over 3GW of solar modules in the year ending 2014!

Jinko’s Manufacturing puts them in the top 6 solar panel companies in the world by production!

Jinko Solar panels Tier 1
As you can see, Jinko Solar panels review as the 6th most made solar panel in the world as of QTR 4, 2014!

It is because of these reasons, you will find many Jinko solar panels review to highly favour the Solar product.

Jinko have well over 10,000 employees in 2015, with over 150 of these employees dedicated solely on Research and Development and working out of 11 International offices spread out all over the globe!

Jinko Solar Panels have an Australian office, and they are based out of Brisbane!

How can we not use or recommend Jinko Solar Panels?! In the EXTREMELY unlikely event that anything were to go wrong with a Jinko solar panel, both us (Qld Solar & Lighting) and our customers have piece of mind that Jinko are only a local phone call away, and have a physical office and address in Queen Street, Brisbane.

You can call Jinko on (0)7 3221 5218 or email them at aus@jinkosolar.com

contact jinko solar australia
You can feel at ease, knowing that Jinko Solar have a VERY local presence in Australia. Just up the road, in the Brisbane CBD!

Jinko Solar aren’t just some Chinese Solar Manufacturer with a small satellite office here in Brisbane. Not only are they also listed on the New York Stock Exchange, but they also have offices in Chile, South Africa, Japan, India, Singapore, Canada and of course the USA.

Jinko Manufacture their solar panels across 4 regionally different production factories. 2 in China, in Zhejiang and Jiangxi privinces and also one each in Portugal and South Africa.

Jinko Solar Panel Quality

Not only do Jinko have the Manufacturing numbers on their side but they also make sure that they are constantly making quality in numbers!

Jinko has performed consistently well over the years in the Photon Solar tests. Photon are a company that test all different types of solar panels and inverters from manufacturers all over the globe, who send their products in and see how they all compete with one another on a level playing field.

As you can see here, Jinko are  STILL pumping out impressive numbers in 2015, even with their 2011 installed solar panels! put simply, JINKO Solar panels are proving to last the distance and are superior to many of the more costly competitors!

Jinko solar panels review
Jinko explains the vigorous testing each and every panel goes through.

As you can imagine, ALL our customers who have opted to use Jinko Solar Panels, and with the German SMA Solar inverter are happy Vegemites!

Jinko solar farms in germany
Installing nearly 3MW of solar photovoltaic panels, you would think the solar project organisers have done their homework and chosen Jinko solar panels after some good research!

Jinko Solar panels can simply not be disregarded as not one the more premium solar panels that you can buy on not just the Australian market, but the Global Solar market.

Jinko solar panels reviews
Large Solar farms using Jinko panels in Germany

Remember, if Germany is using Jinko Solar panels for mass commercial and industrial solar plants over there, in Europe. Jinko Solar panels must obviously be doing something good! Germans are known to be very judgemental and finicky when it comes to solar power technology.

Thanks for reading our Jinko Solar Panels review.

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