Queensland Solar & Lighting first started as a website way back in 2012, when a young salesman lost his license (driving over 250klms day, getting all those +10kmph tickets) and had to be creative in getting leads to sell solar systems to.

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Queensland Solar and Lighting About Us

We keep our team small, and our electricians fantastic.

The website and customer base continued to grow for another 4 years when Daniel, the owner, thought he could give customers a better experience with hiring his own installers and doing his own admin work.

This all proved to be true. Not one upset customer in over 10 years of installing solar panels for Brisbane residents.

Marshall is the Accounts guy, and Ben is an all-rounder. He is a salesman that usually helps out with the higher demand in the Summer, and in some evenings he calls existing customers to make sure their system is still working great, a few years down the track.

We have been featured by Forbes Advisor and PV Magazine Australia as a result of our solar expertise.

The team at Microsoft MSN also had us interviewed to get our take and professional opinion on solar batteries.

Our Solar Installation Quality – Only using experienced Solar Electricians

Our installers have always plied their trade at other reputable solar businesses in Brisbane, then realised that they were worth more than just employee wages.

A young solar installer is trained by one of the bigger solar retailers where they perfected their craft, but soon realise they are paid much less than their worth.
The now older, and much more wise solar electrician cut-ties with the bigger solar company, no longer wanting to work for cheap wages where they got their immense solar installation experience from.

The solar electrician now becomes his own boss, hounded by many solar retailers, just like us, from all over Brisbane who want to use their services!

Often even subcontracting back to the boss that put them on as apprentice electricians years earlier!

We pay top-dollar for our electricians and solar installation team members as we do not want the headaches that come with dodgy solar companies as a result of terrible solar electricians and installation practices.

Ryan, one of our electricians has been with us for over 7 years now. He’s been installing solar for 15 years now!

Brisbane Businesses in the community we have worked with

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ausrocks solar system

We have installed commercial solar systems in Brisbane

We have installed solar systems for many different customers.

The solar power installations we, and our electricians have been involved with:

Toured the world researching solar panels and inverters for our customers

Fronius inverter sales in Brisbane
Queensland Solar & Lighting enjoyed their time at Fronius factory in Austria.


We never try to expand or upscale the business too much. Otherwise, chaos could easily occur. Slow and steady is the motto here. The more systems we install, the more problems could potentially occur and the more things get out of control. You see it all the time, competitors go through a period of bad reviews piling up, it’s because they’re so busy that they can’t even get the little things right.

We have started out from the most humble of beginnings to where we are now. Known as the ‘JOKER IN THE YELLOW JACKET’ within the solar industry, so many keep telling us that they are both admirable and in disbelief of our success and dedication to keep excelling in the solar industry.

We aim to keep up the balancing act of putting a smile on people’s face but ensuring our customers are happy also. That’s a priority, and after 8 years now, you can see that it’s true too.

We Install Solar systems all over Brisbane, Ipwsich and Sunshine Coast!

Call us today: 07 5636 3692 or 0411 348 400

We are always putting our customers first. We want to listen to you and help you find what you need.

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