solar battery price brisbane

Solar Battery Price Brisbane

Solar Battery Price in Brisbane

Are you looking for a price of a solar battery for installation in Brisbane? Let us tell you all about Solar Batteries in Brisbane.

There are a few different solar batteries in Brisbane that you can buy and have installed for your home or business’s solar system.

Solar Battery Price – Brisbane

Expect to pay around $1000 for every kW/hr of battery storage. This is true for cheaper solar batteries.

Brands that are included in the cheap solar batteries:

Expensive priced solar batteries in Brisbane:

  • Tesla

Tesla just sits here on its own. The Tesla Powerwall 2 is known as the best solar battery in Brisbane.

If you want a solar battery that just works, and does a good job. You need to buy this Battery. The Solar battery price for one installed in Brisbane is around $17,500. This can be added to an existing solar system or accompanied by a new one.

Different types of solar batteries have different prices:

  • Lead acid Batteries – Cheap and inefficient
  • Flow Battery Type
  • Lithium-ion Battery type – The most common solar battery in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Ipswich.
  • Sodium-Nickle-Chloride Battery

The more you pay for a solar battery, the better it will work, and the safer the solar battery will be

We can arrange a solar battery installation for you in Brisbane, at a great price, installed correctly. However, batteries are in the beginning stage, and very early in their time. There have been a lot of problems with batteries in the past, in Brisbane. Fires, and not even from the solar batteries being installed incorrectly – The solar battery systems are just new technology, effectively making the battery buyer a guinea pig.


The Solar Battery that we install in Brisbane

The solar battery we recommend and install in Brisbane, for a great price is the Growatt range of solar batteries. They have excellent reviews, and we have a fantastic relationship with Growatt Australia

The Growatt batteries are by far the most reliable, and most affordable in Australia. Growatt has been in Australia since 2011, and we have used them since our first installation way back in 2012! We love Growatt, and Growatt loves us.

You can read about Growatt Solar batteries on their website here.

solar battery price brisbane

Do you want Growatt Batteries installed on your solar system in Brisbane?

If you are wanting a quote, and a solar battery installed by one of Brisbane’s oldest and best solar panel installation companies, contact us for a quote.

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