SMA Inverter Review


SMA inverter review
Sma Solar inverter Review – The SMA inverter is world recognised as being the best in the business.

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My quarterly electricity bill is only around $500 per Quarter, Do I really need a 6kw solar system?

What is the Best Solar inverter in the world?

Undoubtedly so!  No one can overlook the years of reliability the German SMA Inverter company has pumped out since it’s founding in 1981.

This review was written in 2014, before Fronius released it’s FRONIUS PRIMO 5kw inverter. 2016 see’s us in favour of the Austrian Fronius Primo – Click here to see why!

These brightly coloured and often attractive looking boxes in an otherwise dull solar-industry have proven year-after-year to stand the test of time!

They are truly a remarkable inverter, popular with solar enthusiasts around the globe as the inverters are second to none.

They have all the Bluetooth monitoring, Remote monitoring,  detailed info of your solar harvest for even the biggest solar FREAK / GEEK to get into.

Although Chinese inverters have wireless monitoring features at a fraction of the cost, they are simply all rubbish in comparison to the reliability of the SMA Inverter. Why anyone would need to know how many KWh their little 3kw system bolted on their Brisbane home’s shed roof has made, while they are on holiday, 15,000klms away is lost on me… anyway, that’s a debate for another day – Suppose just to make sure their system is working?


Whilst these SMA INVERTERS have an impressive track record when it comes to reliability (They still do fail too, you know – They aren’t totally immune from failure – Although some SMA Fanboys and Shonky salesmen will tell you otherwise).

When it comes to the Performance of an SMA they appear to be up there with the best performing systems in Australia, ad in particular, this region locally. No surprises that most of the systems that put out the most Kilowatt’s, have an SMA inverter included in the DNA of the system.

The old saying is true when it comes to solar inverters, “you get what you pay for”.

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We have replaced too many of these inverters, see the proof for yourself. GERMAN DOESNT MEAN BETTER! We replace Effekta inverters. If you have a faulty Effekta inverter with an error code, we will install you a new inverter, with full warranty.

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But what do you pay for an SMA INVERTER?

As much as the quality costs in my opinion. Really, you can get a similar Chinese inverter, however the reliability will be terrible, for example, a JFY INVERTER, you will have great difficulties of late getting in touch with JFY to offer after sales and service. If you want as much hassle free solar system as possible, make sure you get an SMA inverter.

If you have the cash to get an SMA inverter – in my opinon, do it! the cheaper Chinese inverters and their manufacturers are truly hit and miss.


The SMA inverters are the best inverters in the world, other mobs such as Fronius are trying to keep up, but fall well and truly short If you want the best inverter money can buy, it’s a German Deisgned and Manufactured SMA Sunyboy, or if you have 3 phase, it is an SMA Tripower. I hoped you have enjoyed reading my SMA INVERTER REVIEW.

Use your brain, stop procrastinating (I know you’ve got 8+ solar quotes in front of you), and actually GET A ROCKET UP YOU and get some panels on your roof and start SAVING MONEY! -Grab yourself a Solar system today!

Although the SMA is expensive, Not one person would have regretted the decision in including it as the main component in their home solar system.

5 star rating as SMA Solar inverter’s are simply the best in the business today, and have been for a very long time! – But in 2016 the Fronius Primo is well and truly established in Australia as the leading inverter for choice.

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