Axitec Solar Panels Review

We have been selling Axitec Solar Panels since Q3 2021. Customers who purchase the Axitec Solar Panels in the solar system package have commented how ‘Premium’ they look – Whatever that means,… Read more

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Hyundai SG Shingled Cell Solar Panels Review

Hyundai solar logo

Hyundai Solar panels have been selling solar panels in Australia since 2009. That’s over 11 years now in the Australian solar market! In 2020 they have come to the market with their newest … Read more

SolarWatt Solar Panels Review

Solarwatt is a company based in Dresden, Germany produces the SolarWatt panels. It claims to have over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of solar panels. Their Australian office is located in Sydney but… Read more

Akcome Solar Panels

Akcome solar panels are produced by the Akcome Group, which has been around since 2006. Today, the company operates in over 30 nations and has more than 6000 employees. Today, the company delivers products to the Australian… Read more

Longi Solar Panels Reviews

Longi Solar Panels are the latest premium solar panels to hit Australian shores. They also arrive with the latest technology, so can make for an excellent bargain among those seeking higher efficiency panels with… Read more

Talesun was founded back in 2010, it has been now seven years and Talesun has built a great reputation worldwide. It is among the best solar panels manufacturers available. Founded in 2010, Talesun Solar Technologies mother company is Zhongli… Read more

GCL Solar Panels review 2021 update

GCL have occasionally been seen popping up in 2021 – We have no idea who is holding the warranty for GCL solar panels in 2021.

Since 2009 GCL-Poly has been the largest manufacturer and supplier of PolySilicon… Read more

We have been selling and installing TopSola solar panels for over 12 months now and we are very happy with what we see. The Topsolar Solar panels are proving to perform, just as strong in this first 12 months as their more expensive competitors,… Read more

Solar Panels Review: Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko 2020 Solar review update

It is now 2020 and we still haven’t had any issues with our Jinko solar panels we have been installing since 2013. However since our issues this year that started showing… Read more

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