Daniel has been involved with solar power for over 5 years now! He has sold Solar Systems to happy customers in 3 different states of Australia (NSW, ACT, and of course QLD,)

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Daniel will always try and offer you the best deal on a Solar Power System in Brisbane and Gold Coast regions.

Daniel is also an SEO specialist. He has made himself a strong specialist, with lots of knowledge in just 5 years in the SEO industry.

After graduating Year 12 from Narooma High School with impressive high scores and results in the 2005 HSC, Daniel soon found employment with ActewAGL. He soon found himself in the position of ‘Energy Manager – Residential Channel’

This is where he helped:

  • Explain and offer to Canberra’s ACTewAGL customers exclusive discounts and tariff rates.
  •  Design and modify Renewable Energy ‘GREENCHOICE’ plans
  • Set and achieve Renewable Energy Targets within Queanbeyan and the ACT
  • Most importantly help introduce the 44.7c GROSS feed-in Tariff that ACT residents were so lucky to have on offer for them! Solar Power was too lucrative at one stage!

He likes to think he is an honest guy with good ethics, so don’t be too confused when he even suggests that you get other solar quotes and opinions elsewhere. Daniel wants you to be happy with your solar system purchase, no matter where you buy it from.

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Brisbane Solar Power

Daniel enjoys talking about solar power and how it can save you money on your electricity bill. Whether it be over a cup of Coffee,

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or over a few beers or glasses of red wine.

Daniel is a sufferer of full-blown Phenylketonuria (PKU), This means that he always has elevated levels of PHENYLALANINE, which  causes severe mental retardation – some say Daniel is well and truly on the way.

Daniel recently visited North Korea in July 2016!
Daniel recently visited North Korea in July 2016!


Daniel posing for a picture with the leaders - in his favourite shirt!
Daniel posing for a picture with the leaders – in his favourite shirt!

If you have ANY questions on solar power or Lighting, either send Daniel an email or give him a call. He will be more than happy to answer your questions, even if you ask him silly questions like ‘Are your installers qualified/ What is your STC prices?/ Will the panels be too heavy for my normal roof?/ Does Hail break the solar panels? ‘