Kyocera solar panels review

Kyocera solar panels review

Introduction to Kyocera Solar

Kyocera Solar is a part of the KYOCERA GROUP which comprises of more than two hundred companies in different areas and is one of the biggest producers of Solar products .Kyocera Solar has been designing innovative Solar panel Solutions for over 35 years and has served thousands of customers across the globe.

Since its inception in 1975, Kyocera has developed some of the most reliable solar photovoltaic panels and has established itself as a front runner in this extremely competitive field.

Kyocera Solar Panels review

Kyocera Solar modules have a proven track record of being an extremely reliable, low maintenance-free power supply which converts sunlight into electric power at a highly efficient rate. Kyocera uses an advanced cell-processing technology to produce a highly efficient multi crystal solar panel. Kyocera has been the pioneer in the silicon casting techniques which was developed within its ceramic divisions.

Kyocera has refined its technology to achieve high efficiencies of 16% during every day use. One of the breakthrough technology that helped achieve this impressive efficiency level is Reactive Ion Retching or RIE which is their patented process that increases the surface area of cell allowing a higher conversion efficiency.

kyocera solar panels review

looks like Kyocera Solar Panels have shut up shop in Australia and you can no longer buy Kyocera solar panels in Australia. For this reason, they are given a one star rating. Companies need to have a better business strategy and still survive the threat of cheaper chinese panels that are still GREAT!

Key features

Kyocera panels offer unparalleled performance and high reliability

–       Uses polycrystalline modules which gives higher efficiency

–       High conversion efficiency of 16%

–       Uses patented RIE technology

–       First panel to use 3 busbar technology

–       Warranties on Kyocera panels guarantee no more than a 20% loss of production over 20 years

–       TUV offers a test for checking durability, and Kyocera panels have been the first ones to pass this .

–        20 year warranty on nominal power output

Current Products in Solar Panels


Kyocera KD Modules – These are high efficiency solar panels which use dark blue polycrystalline silicon cells. Polycrystalline, along with mono crystalline cells are the two most efficient solar technologies that are commercially available

The KD Blue solar model come in a full range of applications for all types of installations be it residential or commercial

Advantages of Kyocera Panels review over others

Kyocera Solar has been a top most name in solar efficiency, power yield and reliability for the last 36 years and that lends a lot of credibility to the brand name.


  • These panels have a Proven performance track record which has been  demonstrated through a variety of sites around the world delivering better than expected power yields
  • This is also one of the few companies which has a record of long term data on large installations done across the world
  • Excellent customer service right from the pre-sales period , till the post installation. All trouble shooting is done diligently and Kyocera offers advice and help for all aspects of an array’s life
  • Neat appearance as it comes in a  good-looking black panel
  • It’s a black frame polycrystalline module that offers a robust solar efficiency
  • Offer higher yields than many panels over the course of their life
  • Higher and better warranty
  • Easy maintenance


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