Sopray Solar Panels

   Sopray Solar Panels- A Ray Of Joy


Sopray is on of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar panels. The company is based in China and has two large production branches. The company was established in September 2005 with dozens of professionals working to create a technological miracle of which Sopray is the finished product.

About The Company

The company relies on the best and internationally acclaimed equipments for the construction of the solar panels. Sopray has the strictest control over quality management and the company has passed top international photovoltaic products certification, which guarantees Sopray solar panels to be at par with international standards.

Expansion of Business

At present Sopray is looking to expanding its chain of production to reach out to customers, globally. More than ninety percent of the products manufactured by Sopray is exported annually to more than thirty countries across the globe. The company is also actively pursuing the highest standards for quality control, service and price.

So with such promising expansionist anticipations, we can only expect the best in quality and reliability from Sopray solar panels.

Why Sopray?

In case you are wondering what makes Sopray solar cells so popular in the global market, here are a few points to vouch for the world class quality of Sopray which are reasons enough for you to look no further than Sopray solar panels.

  • Fully Automatic- Sopray uses both mono crystalline and polycrystalline photo voltaic cells for its solar panels. Both forms are the most commonly used in green energy products. The production lines of Sopray are fully automatic, the cells are inclusive of automatic chemical vapour deposition, cleaning, metal sintering, cleaning and diffusion.
  • Waterproof– The junction boxes of every Sopray solar cells are waterproof which reduces the damage of solar hot spots on the product. This aspect is a definite advantage as it increases the longevity of the solar panels.
  • Tempered GlassSopray solar panels are made with quality tested and tempered glass with high transmission that increases the efficiency of the solar cells.
  • High Quality Solar CellsSopray uses only the best materials to make their solar cells which accounts for the excellent performance of the panels.
  • Strength– The solar panels are framed with tough aluminium that imparts extra resilience.
  • Long Life– Sopray panels have been endowed with a long life due to the features of high photoelectric conversion efficiency, fully automatic cell functions.
  • Consistent Service- The efficient and state of the art features make Sopray solar panels your most consistent friend in terms of green energy conversion. The panels provide consistent and reliable service for long periods of time.
  • Technical Help– Being a globally recognized brand has its perks! Sopray provides one of the best customer services in terms of technical or installation difficulties. The brand guarantees a hundred percent customer satisfaction. The best thing about the brand is that it provides valuable technical assistance to every corner of the world, so no matter where you are, you can get quick and efficient service from the technical assistance quarter.


So with all these advantages, its no wonder that Sopray is one of the world’s best solutions for renewable green energy conversion devices.

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