Samsung solar panels review

Samsung solar panels review

Introduction to Samsung Solar Energy

Samsung entered the Solar energy field in 1987 when it started doing R&D on photovoltaics. In 2010, they obtained several internationally accredited certifications and successfully supplied its first power plant in Korea. Samsung is going in a big way on the solar energy business as it has announced an investment of $ 5.5 billion by 2020 in photovoltaics business.

Samsung has the unique distinction of holding the most number of solar patents in the world.

Samsung Solar Panels

Samsung solar PV business is concentrated on crystalline panels though they have plans to set up a large plant to produce polysilicon in a joint venture with a US company. There is a strict quality control process in place to produce world-class manufacturing of panels with top reliability.

Samsung panels come in both white and black modules ranges. Its range of 241 watt panels includes 60 models which are operating at 15.6% efficiency. Owning to the company’s proprietary cell technology, all panels have a high power output and low degradation rate

Key features

  • The percentage of electricity which is generated from sunlight through the Samsung solar panels are at a high being around 15.6 % .
  • Samsung panel uses a sturdy frame which is made of aluminium and they have a sturdy glass covering.
  • The monocrystaline series cells are used in each panel and this leads to the high rate of solar efficiency which is at par with industry standard.
  • Each panel is capable of producing 250 watts of power during its maximum output.
  • The Samsung panels have a high resistance even in extreme climatic situations like hailstorms and can also withstand extreme cold and high temperatures.


Current Products in Solar Panels

The Samsung panels come in 2 styles – White modules and Black Modules.

The different models available within these are as below :

  1. LPC235SM
  2. LPC238SM
  3. LPC241SM
  4. LPC244SM
  5. LPC247SM
  6. LPC250SM

Advantages of Samsung Panels over others

Some key benefits of the Samsung panels are as below-

  • Very sturdy solar panels which can withstand being pelted by hailstones up to 52 mph.
  • The panels are very durable owing to excellent material design
  • High solar efficiency of 15.6% is offered by these panels
  • The panels are weather resistant and have a high tolerance for extreme weather conditions as low as 40 degrees below zero to 185 degrees F
  • The panels have a good resistance to high pressure and are designed to handle a load equivalent of 113 pounds of snow per square foot.
  • Low maintenance as the panels need to be cleaned only twice an year
  • All panels go through a very Strict Quality control
  • Very high focus on On-time delivery and high reliability
  • Samsung boasts of a Top notch team with a highly professional staff on board
  • Samsung panels give the benefits of High power output and also a very low degradation owning to their proprietary cell technology

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