ActewAGL Review

ActewAGL review

Introduction to ActewAGL

ActewAGL was established in 2000 as a utility joint venture  between Australian Gas Light Company (AGL) and ACTEWAGL review Corporation.

Though the company was formally established under this name in 2000, but they date back to 1915, when they started supplying electricity for Canberra’s water supply. Over the years, they grew and made a foray into diverse services in the energy area.

Services and Offerings

ActewAGL has formed a pact with TransACT, and together they offer bundled services to customers across a broad spectrum for electricity and natural gas, green energy and other telecom services.

Their Services are under these broad categories:

  • Electricity connections

Offers services ranging from setting up a new electric connection , meter up gradations and switching to renewable energy meters.

  • Natural gas services – Setting up natural gas connections

Natural gas services are picking up in Australia with many people opting for natural gas. ActewAGL offers services in connecting to a natural gas supply , setting up the account, installation and upgradation.

  • Green Energy Program – investing in renewable energy
  • Water and Sewage Network

Has an arm called ACTEW Water which manages the operations of water and waste water in Australia.

  • Home services and repairs

If you have faulty appliances you can contact ActewAGL to arrange for the service and repair of the appliance. This service is extended to all electrical and gas appliances.

  • Business Consultancy for managing energy consumption better

Why move to Solar ?

Solar panels generate clean power by converting the sun’s energy into electricity, solar panels generate DC ( Direct Current) whereas the electricity grids in the homes are connected to Alternating Current ( AC) . Inverters then transform the DC to AC.

The shift to Solar panels is advantageous as rooftop solar systems are reliable and long lasting and maintenance free. New solar connections are net metered which means that the solar electricity the panel generates powers the home . And the excess electricity is exported to the electricity network and it comes as a credit on the next electricity bill.

So, in other words, solar helps save in two ways.

1. It significantly decreases the electric power you need

2. The excess electricity exported comes as a credit on the electricity bill.

ActewAGL Process for switching to Solar

  1. Finding an installer for the Solar Panel
  2. Selecting or designing a PV system
  3. Acquiring any building approval where required from ACTPLA and completing all the connection forms
  4. Gaining approval from ActewAGLfor the compliance of PV system with Service rules
  5. Installer contacts ACTPLA for electrical chances being done
  6. ACTPLA inspection of wiring and other work
  7. Request for an appointment to install the new Meter
  8. Installation of new metering arrangement to connect the PV system to the network
  9. The PV installation is successfully completed and the retailer is informed about the installation.
  10. This is the last step when the Customer is switched from the regular meters and switched to the Solar Power tariff meters.

We have installed Solar power in ACT in the past. Back in the day when they had Gross metering for a tidy 47 cents.

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