Hanover solar panels review

Hanover solar panels review

Hanover solar panels are a very good solar panel, with offices and manufacturing in GERMANY. They also Manufacture great quality panels for the Australian Market in China.

Great product.



Hanover 255Watt Datasheet

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  1. Hanover panels have cells which are manufactured in Germany but for the Japanese and Asian markets, they have set up an assembly plant in China. Because of this, there are some people who says Hanover is a “Made In China” panel. The PV Cells (the important part of a panel) are German Made to top German quality.

  2. I have hanover panels just installed but they don’t reflect the information stated on the spec sheet .
    the physical size is 1640 long were the spec sheet it is 1650.
    The frame is a gloss black the spec sheet says anodised aluminium
    One panel is completely different in colour physical size and 270 watt were the other 15 are 275 watt..

    1. Daniel Queensland Solar & Lighting

      Who installed this? Please contact the installer, there may have been an issue with ordering the panels

  3. I have had all of my hannover panels replaced as they were cracked at the back. Apparently a faulty batch. That was 12 months ago.
    Now I have no power coming from the panels and waiting for an electrician which could take up to 2 weeks.
    No reimbursement for that.!!

  4. My electrician has just advised me that our solar panels are sending only 25% of power to the inverter, he has advised that the Hanover solar panels show burnt areas and delamination on some of the panels and this unit was installed only 4 years ago. I have sent an email to Hanover advising them of the problem as the installer has gone bust, I’ll keep you all posted

  5. Brad, My Wife and I had 20 out of 22 panels laid on our roof by Hanover, Jan 2018, 2 short. We had to follow up with several emails/phone calls to Hanover for remaining 2, end story, couldn’t get the remaining 2 owed. After examining them myself have found 2 different sizes, 2 different colours and 2 different batch numbers and they haven’t altered our electricity account what so ever. Hanover have been very unreasonable, they have lied so many times we don’t trust them what so ever. This is an ongoing issue.

          1. Yes that is who we are dealing with and have had no satisfaction what so ever with any of their responses from day one, very difficult people to deal with. They claim Handover wont credit them therefore they wont credit us. They have offered us 22 panels that have came off someone else’s roof, totally unsatisfactory and wont take responsibility with the fact something is not right as that they haven’t altered our power bill what so ever they say that’s our responsibility, NOT. We are currently in legal proceedings.

  6. I had a 20 panels installed in July 2014. I have already had to have the inverter replaced within the first 12 months. Now i have been advised that 2 of the panels are broken/shattered and there are signs of tracking and burn marks on the majority of the other panels. I have now been informed that the manufacturer of the panels are no longer in business and will have to replace the panels at my own cost.

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