ET solar panels reviews

ET solar panels reviews

You are about to read an ET solar panels reviews. Established in 2005, ET Solar is one of the leading solar companies which provides a one stop solution for all Solar requirements. Their business is two arms namely manufacturing of products and providing turnkey solutions.

Introduction to ET Solar panels reviews

Key offerings of ET Solar include a variety of BoS components like residential rooftop kits and power cabinets for customers in various verticals in both residential and commercial sectors across more than 50 countries globally.


There are many happy people who have installed ET Solar panels. However, we do believe that ET Solar Panels are no longer being imported and sold by the original importer ,’Positronics’ – So that must be telling you something. He now prefers Winaico we believe. Winaico is one of the best panels with the best insurances you can get! Give Positronics a call and tell him you want a quote on a Winaico Panel system – Ultimately THE BEST BUILT PANEL out there! – Not too far off SunPower!

et solar panels reviews
These solar panels are heavily flogged on Whirpool.
We only know that they are seldom available on the Australian market and come straight out of China. You can find many BIASED ET Solar Panels Reviews on whirlpool

ET Solar Panels reviews

ET Panels generate very reliable solar power for on-grid and off-grid solar power systems. They offer a wide variety of PV modules which are suited for all verticals be it commercial or for residential purposes.

By virtue of having a vertically integrated business model, this allows ET to have a far greater control over the control the quality of the product throughout the entire manufacturing process.

et solar panels faulty and caught fire
look at the brand of panel!

Key features

  • ET Solar modules are manufactured across two series: monocrystalline and polycrystalline.
  • Mono-crystalline and Poly-crystalline cells come in 5″ and 6″ sizes and the modules are designed with 60 and 72 cells.
  • These panels are all certified by agencies including TUV and UL.
  • The results of an outdoor test which was recently conducted by PHOTON Lab, has placed the performance of ET Solar module in the top position amongst most industry leading suppliers.
  • ET panels come in a low iron tempered safety glass and an anti-reflective layer which enables higher light absorption
  • ET panels lead in performance at low irradiation environment as proven by tests
  • ET modules come with high Cell encapsulation.
  • For customizable solar module ET offers Potential-Induced Degradation (PID) free.
  • EL screening is done to eliminate product defects
  • ET panels use an Anodized aluminum frame to improve resistance to corrosion

Current Products in Solar Panels

ET Panels come in a wide range of panels which can be used in various applications across –

  1. Both Monocrystalline panels and Polycrystalline panels
  2. Panels can be used in both grid-tied and off grid installations
  3. Many models of the panel available with output power ranging from 70 Watts to 280 watts

Advantages of ET Panels modules over others

ET solar delivers uncompromising quality and value to its customers.

  • ET panels are designed for a high conversion efficiency to guarantee power output.
  • Much better performance at low irradiation environment as compared to others
  • Even when the light condition is not so good, the module efficiency is still high.
  • Comes with a 0 to +5W positive tolerance
  • ET panels have been proven to withstand high wind loads and snow loads
  • Panel comes in a black frame with black back sheet for improved aesthetics
  • These panels do not accumulate dust and require low maintenance; also they come in a self cleaning surface.
  • The glass used has an anti-reflective layer with allows much higher light absorption
  • ET solar panels provide a 25 year warranty on performance and they give a ten year warranty on their product.
  • For ease of Support, ET provides a local support for issues and has a two day response service.

These panels are straight outta China, and there are not too many retailers in Australia selling them that we are aware of. Perhaps there is some severe performance issues with them?

Thanks for reading our ET Solar panels reviews.

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