Hanwha Solar Panels Reviews

Hanwha Solar Panels Reviews

Introduction to Hanwha SolarOne

This is our Hanwha Solar panels review. Hanwha SolarOne is one of the companies of the Hanwha Group, which is one of the most established conglomerates in South Korea. This serves all the vertical markets namely utility, commercial, government and residential markets through a large network of manufacturers and distributorswhi help them in providing solar energy. They have a strong presence globally.

Hanwha SolarOne provides a wide range of Solar solutions for all kinds of installations to meet the customers’ growing demands for application-specific products.

They have also acquired Q-Cells AG and renamed it to Hanwha Q Cells which also produces solar panels.

Hanwha Solar Panels review

Hanwha SolarOne has come up with an impressive product portfolio which caters to both standard and application-specific PV solutions for normal as well as challenging climatic environments.

Hanwha SolarOne ensures that all modules are assembled with the topmost degree of quality and reliability. The panels meet some of the most stringent worldwide certifications standards.

Key features

Some key features offered by the Solar panels are as below:

·         Higher efficiency using 3-Busbar Configuration

Hanwha SolarOne has both Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline panels. The polycrystalline panels feature 3-busbar cells. By adopting a technology of reducing the amount of space between busbars and the distance that the current must travel, the solar cells have been able to successfully reduce current loss and significantly increase cell power output.

Thus the power output of this 3 busbar module is much higher than other 2 busbar modules.

·         Highly Weather-resistant Solar Module Frame

Hanwha solar panels review, SolarOne’s ensures that it has a sturdy frame which has been constructed of aluminum alloy. This has an oxidation coating to treat it for better corrosion resistance. Thus the frame has maximum endurance to rugged weather conditions like hail impact, snow load, water exposure and wind pressure.

·         Best in class raw materials

Hanwha SolarOne modules use the best raw materials available and there are regular tests conducted to ensure that all materials conform to the rigorous quality standards.

·         Sturdy Glass Surface

The glass surface of these modules have undergone vigorous tests and have been known to support over 300kg (660 lbs) of load per square meter (10.7 ft2).

Current Products in Hanwha Solar Panels review

These panels come in various models , key ones listed below :

Polycrystalline Modules

  1. Standard Series:

1) SF190

2) SF220

3) SF260

  1.  X-tra Series:

1) SF190

2) SF220

3) SF260

Monocrystalline Modules

  1. Standard Series:


  1. 2. X-tra Series


Black Diamond Solar Modules

These come in the same two series as above.

Advantages of Hanwha Panels over others

  • Panel uses innovative solutions in the form of  Anti-reflecting coating for high sunlight absorption
  • Uses 3 busbar configuration to give a higher efficiency
  • Robust design ensures high tolerance and resistance to extreme weather conditions
  • Proven track record for large (1 MW+) utility-scale solar projects.
  • Hanwha SolarOne solar modules are constructed out of solar cells which have been produced internally after a rigorous testing process.
  • They come with guaranteed quality and a 25-year warranty on their performance.

Thanks for reading our Hanwha solar panels review.

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