Risen energy reviews

Risen energy reviews

Risen are one of many Chinese manufacturers of solar panels on the market at the moment. They are slightly different to other manufacturers from China, as they are a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer. Risen make a very good solar panel.

Risen Solar have been around for a decent amount of time (in the grand scheme of things at least). Risen have existed and have been producing solar products since 2002. They have managed to build up a fairly decent reputation during that time too. On this page I want to discuss a few of the Risen Energy Reviews that I have stumbled across.

Build Quality

I am not going to lie to you; the build quality of Risen is amongst some of the best in the world. Although the products are manufactured in China, we must also remember that some of the best products are manufactured in China, and from some of the leading companies.

You no longer need to look for solar panels and inverters that are manufactured in Europe or North America to get High-Quality produced solar components.

If you want a well-priced product that seems to pack a real punch for the amount of money that you are paying, I suggest Risen may be worth a look.

Many Risen Energy Reviews seem to indicate this.

Risen Energy currently ship products all over the world. They are especially popular in Australia, although you may not realize that you are purchasing Risen products as much of what they create is actually made OEM (i.e. sold under the brand of another manufacturer). The company has managed to achieve a decent reputation in that time too.

You can expect something that is well-priced and have fantastic efficiency ratings, as Risen have placed well in recent Photon Magazine testing!

For a homeowner who is looking for a couple of solar panels to off-set their energy needs then Risen may be the way to go.

Having skimmed through a few Risen Energy Reviews there seems to be very little in the way of complaints. By all accounts; Risen offers a 10 year warranty on the products that they manufacture. This means that if you do run into any issues then you should have absolutely no problems getting in touch with the company and getting your panel repaired.

Are Risen Energy Reviews Accurate?

You know; there are a lot of Chinese manufacturers out there who seem to stick ‘fake’ reviews online in a bid to get people to purchase from them. Having personally used Risen products I can vouch for the fact that they are good. All of the Risen Energy Reviews that I have stumbled across seem to be fairly accurate and reflect the sort of quality you are going to get for your money. It is unlikely you will be disappointed with this product – as Risen Panels are a fantastic example of a Tier 1 Solar panel.

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