Tier 1 Solar Panels are not the best!

Tier 1 Solar Panels Reviews

Customers are calling us up saying that ‘they want a Tier 1 panel!’ but when we ask why, they simply reply ‘Because it’s Tier 1 – They are the best! Thats what I read on the internet. I want a Tier 1 solar panel!’

Wrong! – Tier 1 solar panels are not the best solar panels.

Just because a solar panel is a Tier 1 Solar Panel, it does not automatically make it the best solar panel you can buy. More often that not, a Tier 1 solar panel is a mid-range, cheap panel that is Made in China. Nothing wrong with Tier 1 panels, but  please understand, simply being a Tier 1 Solar Panel does not make it the best panel. It makes it a good panel.

We sell Tier 1 Solar Panels. Renesolar, Jinko and Risen. They each are a fantastic choice panel. However, if someone wants a better panel or a really good quality solar panel we present to them Seraphim solar Panels or Winaico Solar Panels.

These panels are better for performance, and build quality, Warranties and guess what, they are a Tier 2 panel.

Being a Tier 1 Solar Panel Manufacturer means that all components of the Solar Panel have to be made by the same company. This is where the quality of the panel is not as good as a premium panel.

For example, you can get a good Sandwich at Subway, but imagine if Subway were to grow their own Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, make their own Cheese and have their own Abattoir. It would be safe to say that they wouldn’t be sourcing the highest quality ingredients, would they? Well its the same as Solar panel manufacturers.

Tier 1 Solar Panels are always the safest and best choice!

While a Tier 1 solar Panel may not be the best performing panel, it will ALWAYS be a FANTASTIC performing panel and extremely efficient for the price you pay.

Put simply, a Tier 1 Solar Panel, such as a Jinko Solar panel will always be a great and SAFE choice. Our most popular selling solar panel system in Brisbane and surrounds at the moment is a special deal we have on at the moment, the 6kw $5900 Jinko Solar Panels and SMA inverter (10 year warranty)  –

This 6kw Solar system deal is phenomenal value!

jinko panels brisbane
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Tier 1 Solar panels vs Tier 2 Solar Panels

Tier 1 solar panels do it all in house. Tier 2 solar companies assemble from what they can get their hands on, and Tier 2 solar companies that specialise in quality do it better than anyone else, assemble Ultra-High Quality panels using only sourced quality components, because let’s face it. You can’t expect a Solar Panel company to be an expert in all aspects of Manufacturing a solar panel. There’s just too much work involved in making a good one. What are the chances of a Tier 1 solar panel company being the best at Manufacturing Solar Cells, Junction boxes, Frames e.t.c?

Winaico and Seraphim have told us that they ‘never want to become a Tier 1 Solar Panel Manufacturer.’ – Simply because they are brilliant at making ultra-high quality solar panels and not at making all components of a solar panel. If Seraphim were to attempt at making their own junction boxes, you could nearly ensure that they would not do as good of a job as FujiFilm in Japan is currently doing for them.

We even have Tier 3 solar panels outperforming Tier 1 solar panels!

There is nothing wrong with any Tier 1 solar panel companies to our knowledge, but please understand that  just being a ‘Tier 1 solar panel’ does not make it the best solar panel!


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