Do solar panels add value to your home?

Do solar panels really add value to your home?

The best answer to this question would be, “No, Not really”, however they can sway a buyer to prefer to buy your house on sale, rather than purchase a similar house that the buyer also really likes. The house that has solar panels installed would likely get the nod of approval as they buyer will see this as an immediate $5,000-10,000 that they will not have to spend.

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do solar oanels add value to your home.
Solar panels – good value for the electricity bill payer while in the house, that’s about it.

75% of the installs we have been doing for the last 18 months are from people who have just bought an established house in the suburbs or others who call up and say, “Hi Qld Solar & Lighting, we are just about to finish building our new house in the new estate out the back of Brisbane and want a solar panel installation on the day, or few days after settlement!’ – These guys know that everyday they own a home without solar panels, is a day where they are simply wasting money.

A few years ago (when solar panels were more expensive) I remember selling solar panels to cashed up Canberra public servants whose primary reason for installing solar panels on their home was to ‘increase the value of their home’. I’m not sure if installing solar panels ever did increase the value of a house or ever will. But I can certainly say, for the most part, they will never lower the value of a home and won’t be off-putting like a swimming pool can be – After all, EVERYONE wants cheaper electricity bills, don’t they?

Bigger solar systems are better

However a buyer would more likely appreciate a bigger solar system (5 or 6kw) installed on a house, and installed PROPERLY – No dodgy cable exposed – A nice neat install from a reputable installer and also would be more attractive if the solar system consisted of better known brands.

For example, a house with a 6kw Sunpower panel / SMA inverter setup would be a great added fixture to come with the house, whereas an old 190watt x 8 panel Beyond Building install with a faulty Sunny Roo inverter would in fact be a burden and would more likely cost the new home owners more money in having it removed and replaced with a quality solar system that they would then have to source and have installed themselves.

If you are wanting to install solar panels on a new home that you are either building or have recently purchased you might want to check out our solar systems pricing here. Or if you are ready to get a solar quote let us know here.

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