#10 You can’t split arrays on different inclinations

The 10 dumb myths of solar installers


You can’t split arrays on different inclinations

Yes it can be done. Sure there is a loss of output (in technical speech, a cosine loss leading to voltage mismatch dynamics because of different MPPs within the series strings) but this must be balanced against other benefits in, say, reduced installation cost and the ability to fit more panels on a roof. The CEC guidelines say a maximum of a 5% difference in inclination, yet most installers won’t even do that. In reality the guideline should be scrapped or increased to a higher figure more like 15%, as long as the consequences are understood and explained to the customer and the economics of a larger system outweigh any losses per capacity invested.

Please bury these myths for everyone’s benefit

By burying these myths, Australians will be able to buy a lot more solar panels, benefiting from economies of scale and availability of roof space. Electricians on the other hand who get on board can make a healthy living helping Australians realise their dream of more solar panels; the environment benefits, the nation’s grids don’t have to max out close to their peaks anymore and customers will be ready for their next purchase of energy efficiency, more solar and batteries.

Myths aren’t good for solar, good for customers or good for installers – so let’s bust and bury them.

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  1. Brian Glazebrook

    i have been advised that q cell is the best brand of panel and that it has 3 levels of cells. is any of this legitimate or could i do better with sonmething else. i am a pensioner, btu i dont want a system that is “cheap and nasty” so to speak. i would like it to be “Battery ready” and around 6 kW. do you have any advice or recommendations?

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