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10000TL-X installed on the wall

We installed Australia’s first Growatt 10kw Single Phase inverter!

QLD Solar & Lighting has been trusted by Growatt to take delivery of the first Growatt 10kw single-phase inverter On Friday the 12th of August 2021 we successfully installed Australia’s first 10kw Single-phase 3MPPT inverter made by Chinese solar heavyweight’s Growatt.   3MPPT 10kw Single-Phase inverter What is so exciting about this inverter is the …

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Australin solar inverter manifactured in Melbourne

MIL Solar Inverter

Mil Solar Inverter Review MIL-Solar inverters are designed and manufactured in Australia. MIL-Systems, which is the company behind the inverters has been around since 1985. Previously, they specialized in designing and manufacturing power equipment for the military. These inverters are specifically designed to be resilient in the harsh Australian weather. For instance, the inverters are …

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solis solar inverter spec sheet review

Solis Inverter review

Solis Inverter Review - 2021 update   While Solis is still one of the cheaper solar inverters made, it is no longer the cheapest! Solis has also been around for a good while now that if you are considering to buy a bargain priced solar system, the Solis solar inverter is probably the safest bet …

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