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Are Fronius solar inverters noisy?

Yes. In comparison to the competition, yes they are. Fronius solar inverters are sometimes so noisy that we have even had neighbours call us up and pay to replace the offending solar inverter on their neighbour’s… Read more


Growatt Solar Inverter Review 

growatt solar inverter

We welcome you in reading our very own Growatt solar Inverter review. We can write about these Growatt products extensively as we have been familiar with the Chinese Powerhouse brand since 2011!



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QLD Solar & Lighting has been trusted by Growatt to take delivery of the first Growatt 10kw single-phase inverter

10000TL-X installed on the wall

On Friday the 12th of August 2021 we successfully installed Australia’s first 10kw Single-phase 3MPPT inverter … Read more

Sungrow solar inverter review

Sungrow are a Chinese company who seem to have taken Australia by storm with the level of quality that they offer in their products (not something I thought I would ever say about a Chinese company, a country which… Read more

Delta Solar inverter logo
Delta Solar. Smarter. Greener. Together.

Who is Delta?

In my research, one particular manufacturer has stood the test of time, Delta. Not the airline or Australian songstress but rather the largest switchable power supply manufacturer … Read more


This inverter was initially called an Aurora inverter, then ABB inverter, and now a FIMER solar inverter. Read more below to learn about it.

2020 AURORA UPDATE – Did yours just break?

We are still here and… Read more

Mil Solar Inverter Review

MIL-Solar inverters are designed and manufactured in Australia. MIL-Systems, which is the company behind the inverters has been around since 1985. Previously, they specialized in designing and manufacturing… Read more

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Goodwe Solar Inverters

goodwe Solar inverters

Goodwe Solar inverters are an extremely good value inverter that we are now pleased to say that we are offering.

GoodWe Solar Inverter Review

GoodWe Australia is one of the leading makers of affordable and high-quality… Read more

2019 Update

In the 3 years installing Zeverlution model Zeversolar inverters, we have only had one die! a 5kw Zeversolar insatlled last year that surprisingly died within the first month – All was replaced easily by Zeversolar and weRead more

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