SolPlanet solar inverter review

SolPlanet Inverter Review

SolPlanet Inverter Review | Cheap & Quality or Cheap and Nasty?

Welcome to our latest inverter review, where we assess solar inverters to help you make informed decisions. This time, we’re evaluating SolPlanet, a relatively new entrant in the Australian solar market. SolPlanet is an inverter brand manufactured by Chinese company AISWEI. While offering attractive prices, the critical question remains: Is SolPlanet delivering quality, or is it just another cheap and nasty option?

About SolPlanet

SolPlanet is a brand manufactured by AISWEI, a Chinese company with a history of making inverters for other brands like SMA and Zeversolar. With SolPlanet, AISWEI aims to establish its own mark in the global solar market, offering inverters across six countries, including Australia.

Strengths of SolPlanet

  • Competitive Pricing: Typically, SolPlanet inverters cost around $1,000 less than premium brands like Fronius and are a few hundred dollars cheaper than Sungrow.
  • Integrated DC Isolator: Unlike some cheaper inverters, SolPlanet includes a built-in DC isolator, reducing extra installation costs and failure points.
  • Simple Monitoring Platform: SolPlanet’s online platform is user-friendly and provides adequate data for solar electricians to diagnose issues remotely.
  • Upcoming Features: New models with three MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Trackers) are in the pipeline, potentially offering increased design flexibility.

Concerns and Limitations

Despite the appealing pricing, some issues and limitations raise questions about long-term reliability:

  • Limited Flexibility: Current models only have 12-amp input current limitations, restricting solar panel placement to two orientations. This makes SolPlanet less suitable for smaller or complicated roofs.
  • Missing Features: SolPlanet’s current monitoring platform lacks consumption monitoring. Although the company claims this feature is coming soon, its absence right now makes it less attractive.
  • Global Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT): SolPlanet lacks global MPPT, which means it struggles to handle shading efficiently. This can result in lower energy output compared to other brands like Fronius.
  • Overheating Concerns: Testing shows that SolPlanet inverters tend to overheat compared to premium brands, which may lead to power derating and reduced lifespan.

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Performance Testing

We compared a 5kW SolPlanet inverter with a 5kW Fronius inverter using identical 8kW solar arrays facing east and west. Here’s a detailed analysis:

Clear Day Performance

Under normal conditions, both inverters performed similarly, producing consistent energy outputs on a clear day.

Shading Performance

With light shading, both inverters managed to maintain energy production reasonably well. However, when heavier shading was introduced, SolPlanet struggled. It couldn’t adjust its power tracking efficiently, resulting in prolonged periods of suboptimal energy output.

Crash Testing Results

To simulate more extreme conditions, we threw cardboard over two panels simultaneously to observe the inverter’s response:

  • Fronius: Managed to quickly recover and adjust, maintaining optimal energy output.
  • SolPlanet: Got stuck operating at an inefficient level, unable to correct itself without removing the shading.

This inability to adapt quickly to changing conditions is due to the lack of global MPPT. While standard MPPT makes small adjustments, global MPPT identifies large inefficiencies and corrects them swiftly.

Derating and Heat Management

Overheating is another concern. We measured the internal temperature of both inverters under similar conditions:

  • Fronius: The internal temperature was 46.6°C, while the case temperature reached 35°C.
  • SolPlanet: The internal temperature soared to 57.1°C, and the case temperature reached 55°C.

When the ambient temperature was raised to 30°C, SolPlanet started derating its power output to protect itself from overheating, reducing from 5kW to 4.6kW. In real-world summer conditions, this would be a bigger issue.

Key Takeaways

So, is SolPlanet a good choice? Here’s a summary of the pros and cons:


  • Cheaper than premium brands
  • Integrated DC isolator reduces installation costs
  • Upcoming features like three MPPTs could enhance design flexibility


  • Lack of global MPPT makes it inefficient in shaded conditions
  • Overheating leads to derating and may shorten lifespan
  • Current models lack essential consumption monitoring
  • Limited flexibility due to low input current limitation

Final Verdict

In conclusion, SolPlanet offers a budget-friendly alternative to premium inverters like Fronius. However, with the absence of global MPPT, overheating issues, and lack of flexibility, it may not be the best option for all installations. If your roofline is simple and your panels won’t face shading, SolPlanet might be suitable. But be cautious of the long-term reliability and consider your specific requirements before opting for SolPlanet.

When choosing a solar inverter, prioritize finding a quality solar installation company with a proven track record. Quality installers often avoid cheaper, newer products due to the risk involved. Ensure your installer is reliable, and the inverter you choose meets your energy needs efficiently.

Next Steps

  • Consider the pros and cons of SolPlanet before making a purchase
  • Evaluate your roofline and potential shading issues
  • Prioritize finding a trustworthy solar installer with proven experience

If you’re interested in learning more about other inverters or the latest trends in solar technology, stay tuned for our next review. We’ll be discussing Tigo, and it promises to be a bombshell!

Let us know in the comments below what you think of SolPlanet. Would you run the gauntlet and save a thousand bucks, or stick with a premium inverter like Fronius?

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