Fronius Gen24 plus review

Fronius Gen24 PLUS Review

Fronius GEN 24 PLUS Inverter Review

Navigating through the world of solar energy can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to choosing the right inverter for your needs. Today, let’s dive into a detailed Fronius GEN 24 PLUS inverter review, exploring how this piece of technology is not just an inverter but a gateway to a sustainable future.

Fronius GEN 24 vs. GEN 24 Plus

Navigating through the intricate world of solar inverters, two prominent models from Fronius have garnered attention: the Fronius GEN 24 and GEN 24 Plus. Let’s delve into the distinct features and differences that set these two models apart.

A Detailed Comparison

Below we see how the GEN 24 and GEN 24 Plus compare

Feature/Aspect Fronius GEN 24 Fronius GEN 24 Plus
Backup Power Basic backup power Full household backup
Upgradeability Firmware upgrade to GEN 24 Plus Yes, for batteries
PV Point Available Available
Battery Integration N/A Compatible with BYD
Response Time You manually do it 20-90 seconds
Warranty  5+5 years 5+5 years
Battery Life Assurance N/A 60% for 10 years/3Mwh
Impressiveness Cool Blow your friends away

This table provides a quick glance at the key differences and features of the Fronius GEN 24 and GEN 24 Plus inverters.

In Summary:

Basically, THE GEN 24 is only a power point, that you manually use during a power outage. The GEN 24 PLUS makes the inverter become a hybrid solar inverter, that then can charge batteries connected to it.

fronius gen24 - we sell it in BrisbaneThe Fronius GEN 24 Plus emerges as a versatile and future-proof solution, especially for those seeking comprehensive backup power solutions and the flexibility to expand their solar system with battery integration in the future. Its detailed technical specifications and upgradeability make it a robust option for a wide array of solar energy needs, ensuring that your investment is not only secure but also adaptable to future advancements in solar technology.

If you have any further inquiries or need additional details, feel free to ask!

Designed to Empower Your Energy Journey

The Fronius Primo GEN24 and GEN24 Plus inverters are not just devices; they are a promise — a promise to enable you to produce your energy in the most flexible and affordable way possible. Imagine being able to harness the power of the sun, converting it into energy that can light up your home, power your appliances, and even store for future use. That’s the empowerment Fronius aims to provide to every user.

Maximum Flexibility: Unlocking All Possibilities of Solar Energy

When we talk about the Fronius GEN 24 PLUS, we’re discussing maximum flexibility. It’s not just about converting sunlight into electricity; it’s about initiating your very own energy revolution. This inverter unlocks all possibilities and advantages of solar energy, ensuring that you are not just a consumer of energy but also a producer.

Ensuring Power, Even in the Dark: The Backup Power Feature

One of the standout features in our Fronius GEN 24 PLUS inverter review is the backup power capability. While the Fronius GEN24 offers an integrated basic backup power function, the GEN24 Plus goes a step further, providing a backup power supply for your entire household. This means even during power outages; your home will continue to be powered, safeguarding your comfort and security. You do this by adding on the BYD solar batteries.

Built-in Freedom: Integrating Third-Party Components with Ease

The open interfaces of the Fronius Primo GEN24 and GEN24 Plus inverters mean that you have the built-in freedom to integrate third-party components into your solar energy system. This adaptability ensures that your inverter can work harmoniously with other devices and systems, providing you with a seamless and integrated energy solution.

Easy Installation: User-Friendly and Reliable

Ease of installation is a key highlight in this Fronius GEN 24 PLUS inverter review. Designed with user-friendly features, these inverters ensure a quick and reliable installation process. This means less hassle for you and a quicker setup, enabling you to start your solar energy journey without unnecessary delays.

Unparalleled Support & Tools from Fronius

With Fronius, you’re not just purchasing an inverter; you’re gaining a partner. Fronius provides efficient solutions for planning, installation, and system monitoring, enhancing customer satisfaction, and minimizing maintenance costs. This means you have a team of experts to support you at every step of your solar energy journey.

Efficiency that Stands Out

In the realm of solar energy, efficiency is king. The Fronius Primo GEN24 and GEN24 Plus inverters stand out due to their maximum efficiency and maximum output, even at high temperatures. This ensures that you are getting the most out of your solar energy system at all times, maximizing your investment and minimizing waste.

Fronius Primo GEN24/GEN24 Plus Models

Model Max. Usable DC Output (W) Max. PV Generator Output (Wpeak) AC Rated Power (W) Max. Output Power (VA) Nominal AC Output Current (A) Max. Usable Input Current (I DC max) (A) MPP Voltage Range (at rated power) (V) DC Input Voltage Range (V DC min – V DC max) (V)
3.0 3,110 3,750 3,000 3,000 13.6 22 190 – 530 65 – 600
3.6 3,810 4,500 3,680 3,680 16.7 22 200 – 530 65 – 600
4.0 4,140 5,000 4,000 4,000 18.2 22 210 – 530 65 – 600
6.0 8,260 9,930 6,000 6,000 27.3 22 230 – 530 65 – 600
8.0 8,260 9,930 8,000 8,000 36.4 22 230 – 530 65 – 600
10.0 10,360 12,430 10,000 10,000 45.5 22 260 – 530 65 – 600

Additional Information

  • Efficiency: The Fronius GEN24 and GEN24 Plus stand out due to maximum efficiency and maximum output, even at high temperatures.
  • Backup Power: The Fronius GEN24 offers an integrated basic backup power function, while the GEN24 Plus provides a backup power supply for the entire household.
  • Built-in Freedom: Both inverters have open interfaces, meaning third-party components can be easily integrated into the system.
  • Easy to Install: They are designed for quick and reliable installation with various user-friendly features.
  • Support & Tools: Fronius provides efficient solutions for planning, installation, and system monitoring, enhancing customer satisfaction and minimizing maintenance costs.
  • Interfaces: Wi-Fi / 2 × Ethernet LAN, Fronius Solar.web, Modbus TCP SunSpec, Fronius Solar API (JSON), 6 digital inputs, 6 digital inputs/outputs, Interface to ripple control receiver, energy management, Emergency shutdown (WSD) Integrated, Datalogger and web server Integrated, 2 × RS485, Modbus RTU SunSpec (third-party provider) / Fronius Smart Meter, Battery (GEN24 Plus), Fronius Ohmpilot.
  • Find the Gen 24 Plus Datasheet here, including the Primo 8, and 10 models.SE_DS_GEN24_GEN24Plus_Primo_EN_AUS
  • Certificates: You can find the current certificates under
  • Note: Full Backup power and battery function only available with GEN24 Plus.

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