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Sharp Solar Panels Reviews 2023

Sharp Solar Panels Reviews

Introduction to Sharp Solar

Japanese Solar Quality for over half-a-decade!

sharp 415w solar panel reviewSharp Solar has over 5 decades of history of being a player in the Solar development field. Since 1959, Sharp has focused on expending efforts towards R&D in the solar area and has achieved path breaking solar solutions. Sharp has a strong Eco-Positive mission which believes that as consumers of power it is also their duty to create power.

In 2010, Sharp signed an agreement to help establish the world’s largest solar power plants.


Sharp Solar Panels

Sharp boasts of a vast range of Solar solutions. In recent times, Sharp has the unique distinction of having developed the most efficient Solar panels with a staggering efficiency percent of 44%.This is a remarkable technology breakthrough as the best commercial models have only been able to achieve the 20% mark so far.

In order to achieve this level of efficiency, Sharp used a concentrator triple-junction compound solar cell. In this the light is first passed through a series of lenses which focus the photons on a central location. The ensuing concentrated light beam is then converted into electricity by three photo-absorption layers.

Key features

  • Sharp Panels can be used everywhere and are suitable for all kinds of environments
  • Sharp Panels use high quality silicon films and solar cells which deliver high efficiency electricity generation and are also cost effective.
  • They have any advantage of having an integrated manufacturing process from the cells to the panel.
  • Sharp Panels give a high conversion rate of 37%,these are very highly efficient solar cells that are also being used in outer-space
  • A shortened manufacturing process is used to produce dye-sensitized solar cells
  • Refined technology which enables re-use of photovoltaic modules

Sharp 415w Solar Panel review

The latest solar panel from sharp to hit the Australian market is the 415w black frame panel. You can read more about the Sharp 415w panel here. This panel seems to be a panel that is made out of a Chinese factory, but has impressed the bosses at Sharp well enough to put their name and warranty on it.

sharp 415w solar panel

Sharp NUJC415b 415w solar panel

Click here to see the Datasheet for the Sharp NU-JC_415B.

The Sharp 415w Solar panel has a full 25 year warranty backed by Sharp Australia, and that’s why you are paying a Premium for the panel, and that’s why we are happy to sell the Solar Panel here in Brisbane, as well as offer them in our Commercial solar systems we sell.



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