My solar Wifi Stopped working

Solar Wi-fi Inverter Review

Good day guys, it’s Alan Kemp here from Queensland Solar and lighting, and I’m doing a video for you guys called ‘My Solar Wifi Stopped Working’.
And you know what? You probably punched this into google because you’ve gone into your phone, you tried to use your solar wifi, and guess what, there’s an error with it…

The problem is they’re all shit. It’s a common occurrence and usually can be absolutely not worth the effort to try to fix it because they know about, we know about it, professionals know about it, the whole industry knows about it. It’s just horrendous.

Now let me show you something. So, it doesn’t matter what you’re using for solar wifi, in terms of what brand the inverter is; they’re all shit, each and every one of them. Let go through the review for you.

You’ve got Fronius; 2.8 star rating out of 24 ratings. Horrendous.
GoodWe; 1.9 rating out of 219 ratings. Horrendous.
Growatt; 1.9 rating
Sungrow; 1.9 rating
SMA? The best one ever? The German one? 1.6
SMA’s other app? 2.7.

That’s really bad for SMA because what they actually did was that they took their screens off of the inverters, which wasn’t a good idea because they were going this way of screenless, and it was all going to go through the app. The problem with the app is that it can break in many ways. Android or Apple firmware can update and not be compatible with the app therefore the app doesn’t work, and you’ve got to rely on the manufacturer to get around sorting that out, low priority, they’re into making inverters and stuff. So, then you’ve got that happening. you’ve got local Conextion to your house happening. Is that the problem between your actual mobile router and the dongle or the inverter, however it is, however it puts out a Wi-Fi signal.

Sometimes people buy a new Wi-Fi router and then they got a whole issue they got to go through it all over again. You’ve got the actual sever in Taiwan, China. Europe has gone down on their end where it bounces the information from what’s going on in your roof back to the server oversees where you use the app to access it; that can go down, it goes down all the time. That’s why people have been racking up these terrible reviews, they don’t work great. Don’t really rely on that too much. You’ve got other things you could do.

What I ask the whole network of professionals about this just recently, and yeah, this is what they said.
“Are Wi-Fi, Dongles and apps, a pesky situation at the end of the installation no matter what the inverter is?”
85% of these experts in the industry said: “Yes, they are pretty much all terrible.”
They just hate it; it just doesn’t work half of the time and like I said, because of all those issues plus more I haven’t mentioned, like signal strength, that as well can be an issue. So many things can come into play.
They’re all garbage, I have some and now I don’t even use them. Any inverter, they all share the same situation, they’re all bad. They all have the same issues.



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