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Q-Cells Solar Panels Reviews

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Q-Cells Solar Panels Reviews

Introduction to Q-Cells

Q-Cells AG was established in 1999 and was later taken over by Hanwha to be then renamed as  Hanwha Q CELLS. They started producing silicon solar cells in 2001 and from there made steady progress in the field of research for Solar energy. Hanwha Q CELLS is headquartered in Germany from where it develops and manufactures its products.

Hanwha Q CELLS has established itself as one of the world’s leading solar companies by offering an extensive portfolio of photovoltaics solutions. They have products in Solar cells and panels and also manufacture solar power plants.

Hanwha Q Cells Solar Panels review

Q-cells offer a wide range of products ranging from solar cells and crystalline and thin-film solar panels through to complete photovoltaic systems.

Key features

The Q cells Solar modules are onto their 3rd generation of panels. They offer the following advantages and key benefits:

Advanced Solar cell technology

A new busbar design allows for 2 % more energy output. The innovation in surface structure reflects rays of light to pass through the cell without being utilized. This implies no loss of energy during conversion. Thus you get top performance for maximum power output.

Flexible FRAME TECHNOLOGY for high loads

A new type of frame has been developed which allows more flexibility, has a lower weight and can take much higher loads. These panels use a specially treated aluminum alloy which lends it their extra strength. Combined with a high-quality silicon bonding of the laminates a higher wind load can be resisted.

Anti reflection technology

Q Cells Solar panels use a unique anti-reflection technology which reduces unwanted reflections and gives a better conversion efficiency.

Increased power output and more stability

These solar panels use a unique outer membrane which keeps moisture and water from entering inside. This design enables the panel to have a lesser contact resistance, it minimizes heat build-up and increases power output. Welded diodes as well as the resistance against ammonia and salt water guarantee more stability. A combination of all this lends more stability to these panels.

Lightweight designs

The innovative in designs makes these modules real light:19 kg instead of 19.8 kg for a 60-cell modules, and only 15.5 kg for a 48-cell.

Top Quality tests

Q-cells has maintained very high Quality standards and have successfully adhered to stringent International tests too, one of these is the qualification by an independent German authority VDE. This guarantees the highest quality of solar modules. Repeat tests are compulsory and they follow a much higher testing standard.

Current Products in Solar Panels

Q CELLS solar panels have the following Product Range

  1. Q.PEAK-G3

This is a champion in monocrystalline solar modules with power classes up to 280 Wp


The same size as Q.PEAK panels, the BLK series panels come in an all-black frame and back sheet for aesthetics with rated outputs of 245-260W.

  1. Q.PRO-G2

These are polycrystalline solar panels with rated outputs of 250-265W.

  1. Q.PRO L 

These are polycrystalline solar module with 72 cells.

In our opinion, overpriced and under performing, OVERHYPED PANEL – NOT OUR PICK AT ALL!

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  1. Now in their 4th generation. You state their high quality & I dont agree they are. Very poor in fact. you only give them 2 stars.I would have preferred you had given them 1!

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