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Trina Vertex S Plus Solar Panel Review

Trina Vertex S Plus 415w Solar Panel is in stock

There is some exciting news in the Australian solar industry. We have the arrival of the Trina Vertex S Plus 415w solar panel. We will be installing the solar panel for the Brisbane solar market. Trina teased us with the Vertex S Plus solar panels a few months ago, and one of my passionate solar clients informed me that he is keen on installing the Vertex S Plus on his roof in Brisbane. I told him, “Yeah they’re interesting when they arrive, whenever that is (I’ve stopped checking as getting anything out of China at the moment is just not happening). Later that day I got an email from my wholesaler telling me that Trina’s Vertex S+ 415w Solar Panel is in stock!

Trina N-type Vertex S plus solar panel is in Australia

The Trina Vertex S Plus solar panel is the first solar panel that Trina has bought into the country for a long time, and the only one worth considering using as they have totally switched up the manufacturing and build on the new Vertex S solar panels. They seem to be the only solar panel manufacturer out of China that is having a go at making a great solar panel suitable for Australian conditions.

What is different about the Vertex S Plus Solar Panels?

Trina has supposedly gone back to the drawing board when designing a solar panel for Australian conditions as they kind of had to. Trina, unfortunately, installed many solar panels around 10 years ago. The Trina Honey. 190w panels and 250w and 260w all have had major problems resulting in a warranty claim or replacement. Relax, the new Plus 415w solar panels are built totally different from these lemons of the past though.

Water was getting into the traditional Trina solar panels in Australia and causing them to fail within only 5 years on a lot of them. The Vertex S+ shouldn’t even have the name or word ‘Vertex’ in them in my opinion, as they are a total game-changer, and just so different from the Trina Vertex.

It appears Trina has taken a leaf out of the best solar panel manufacturer in the game’s book, SolarWatt. SolarWatt is the best-built German solar panel you can buy and have been manufacturing their glass-glass model, that’s glass on top, and glass underneath since 1993. They’ve had just about no issues in that whole time as you could imagine. Water just cannot get in them.

As Trina knows this problem with cheaper built solar panels all too well, and their failed experiment with Trina Duomax on Australian residential properties – We’ll get to that in a moment. Trina has obviously taken a good hard look at the impressive German-built SolarWatt panels and said, let’s try and do that too.


Trina Vertex S Plus Vs SolarWatt Solar Panels

However, the two are not really at all the same. The Vertex S Plus solar panels are physically a lot bigger than the tidy and less-cumbersome SolarWatt panel. They’ve also got a thinner frame. Also, they have thinner glass on the front and back. A poor man’s SolarWatt really, but what if this is all that’s needed to achieve longevity and performance? SolarWatt is then overkill? A sure thing though, but in 25 years, has turned out to be overkill, hasn’t it?

So If you are considering buying a solar system in Brisbane and thinking SolarWatt Vs Trina Vertex S + to save a few dollars, you must know that while they have similarities, the new Trina solar panel, S Plus is not at all an exact replica of the SolarWatt Double-Glass solar panel.

Solarwatt Specs compared to the Trina Vertex S Plus
Check out the 2mm Glass front and back, 40mm Frame, and the weight of these things. Heavier, sturdier, and smaller

How many watts are the new Trina panels?

The Trina Vertex S Plus solar panels are 415w Solar modules.

Trina Vertex S Plus Datasheet

Trina Vertex S Plus Datasheet – 415w Australia


trina vertex S plus 30 year warrantyThe Trina Solar Vertex S Plus panels also have a 25-year product warranty and a massive 30-year power performance warranty.


Vertex S Plus Vs DUOMAX Solar Panel

We are led to believe that the Trina DUOMAX solar panel was supposed to be what the Vertex S Plus is. A Bifacial Dual Glass monster. However, it had a few flaws. Whilst the warranty on it was perfect, as is the warranty on the Vertex S + solar panel, it just wasn’t practical for household installations.

It had a ‘frameless design’ and a thin frame, and a long body. Installers said it was just way too wobbly out there.

Last I heard Trina Australia were retrofitting frames around them to get rid of them. I think they were mainly made for Ground mounts or getting them in bulk on commercial buildings. But like anything in the Australian solar market, if a dodgy solar salesman can make it sound good, and the Cowboy Solar Retailers will get their cheap subcontractors to install it, well then, it goes on a roof!

They also had the leads coming out the back too short, causing another nightmare for installers joining them all together. Trina has this Vertex S Plus all figured out this time though… they must surely.

It’s exciting leading off the Bifacial design of the DUOMAX, they claim to source sunlight from, get this, underneath the solar panels. This technology has been around for a few years now. It has never really taken off, and on a standard solar installation, on a home, after our observation, we haven’t found the bifacial solar panels to make any more power than a normal solar panel. However, it definitely sounds fancy.


Trina Vertex S Plus Review – Summary

I think Trina has really outdone themselves here. They’ve got the R & D team working efficiently and effectively, and as Alan Border would say, “They’ve hit a 6 with this one!” – On paper anyway. For now, at least.

However I am so impressed with what they’ve done, I’ve already got my container of Trina ordered and I’d be proud to install Trina’s premium Vertex Plus solar panels for my customers.

It’s been a long time since I’ve sold a Chinese solar panel but Trina has given me a good reason to jump back in the water. Queensland Solar & Lighting is excited to install the latest offering from Trina, their 415w Solar panel for both residential properties and commercial. I’ll have you know that Growatt has already confirmed they will be compatible with their 10kw inverters and can install 32 x 415 Watt of the new Vertex + panels to make a 13.2kw solar system – Our most popular solar system!



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