13.2kw Solar System Price Brisbane

Are you wanting the price of a 13.2kw Solar system installed in Brisbane?

We install 13.2kw solar systems regularly in Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast. We install these large single phase systems all over the region that covers the Energex network,

Do you need a 13.2kw solar system?

You’ve probably been told that you do, or a solar salesman might have gone hard at you to purchase one when you insisted that you were  “only in the market for a 6.6kw solar system”.

The answer is more likely going to be Yes. Let me explain why solar system’s as big as 13kw are great for many families in Brisbane.

With the feed-in tariffs still pretty generous, and with many families having at least a couple of Air Conditioners in their home, and perhaps a pool too. Getting a 13.2kw solar system on your roof is a pretty smart decision.

Generally if a family has at least a $800 quarterly electricity bill they can make a good case for a 13.2kw solar system.

You may need a smaller solar system, being a 10kw solar system. You might also need a bigger system for your home or business, a 15kw solar system

You can see our 13.2kw Solar system pricing here.

How does a 13.2kw solar system work?

A 13.2kw solar system installed by our professional installation crew on a single-phase property needs to be export limited to 5kw. This is why you really need to use some electricity at home during the day to get a good benefit from the 13kw system.

We will apply for a special 13k.2kw grid-connect to Energex on your behalf. We will make sure Energex allows the larger solar system on your roof first.

A 13.2kw system is 13.2kw worth of solar panels connected to 10kw worth of inverter (this is traditionally how it’s done, but Goodwe have a 10kw single phase out and Growatt, and Delta have their versions scheduled for delivery early 2021)

2 x 5kw solar inverters in a 13kw solar system insatlled on a wall on the side of a Brisbane house
This is a picture of 2 x 5kw single phase installed on a house with 13.2kw solar panels on the roof feeding into them. Effectively, it’s 2x 6.6lw system’s installed next to one another.

If you’ve got 13.2kw panels running through the 10kw inverter and it being a bright, sunny day, around 11am in Summer, you could expect the system to hit 10kw of peak power production (maxing out) However, because of Export limiting, if you’re house is only consuming 1kw of power, the system is only going to produce 6kw of it’s potential 10kw. 5kw will be exported, and just 1 kw will be consumed. The inverter isn’t allowed to make anymore to satisfy Energex’s requirements.

meter box configuration of a 13.2kw solar system we installed in brisbane
You will have 2 safety switches installed in your switchboard anfd also a smart meter to manage the export-limiting Energex rules that need to be adhered to.

How much will a 13.2kw solar system save you? 2023 update

If you’re paying 25.5c per kw for your electricity, we install a 13.2kw solar system on your home or business and you use it all, well, you are going to save 100% of the 22,000kw hours the 13kw system generates a year.

22,000 x 25.c = $6600 a year saved

and if you weren’t home and were going to export the lot @15c feed-in tariff, because of export limiting at 5kw:

9000 x  .05 = $450 a year saved. This scenario is unrealistic as it would mean no one would be home.

Typically, a 13kw solar system saves our customers around $3200 per year, with the ability of having extra power to burn during the day. Commercial solar system customers generally see around a $4700+ savings per year.

Price Comparison Table for 13kW Solar Systems in Brisbane

Inverter BrandPanel TypeCustomer Pays Post-Rebate
General Electric (GE) GEH10-1U-10  
 Jinko Tiger Neo N Type 440w$16,750
 REC Twinpeak 5 400w$19,000
 REC Alpha Pure R 420w$21,650
Sungrow SH10RS  
 Jinko Tiger Neo N Type 440w$16,500
 Jinko Tiger Neo N Type 475w$16,550
 Canadian Solar TopHiKu6 440w$16,750
 REC Twinpeak 5 400w$18,950
 REC Alpha Pure R 420w$21,550
Growatt 10000TL-X  
 Jinko Tiger Neo N Type 440w$13,000
 Jinko Tiger Neo N Type 475w$14,000
 Canadian Solar TopHiKu6 440w$14,000
 REC Twinpeak 5 400w$16,000
 REC Alpha Pure R 420w$19,000
Sungrow SG10RS-G3-ADA  
 Jinko Tiger Neo N Type 440w$15,000
 Jinko Tiger Neo N Type 475w$15,050
 Canadian Solar TopHiKu6 440w$15,250
 REC Twinpeak 5 400w$17,400
 REC Alpha Pure R 420w$20,250
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