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2021 Growatt Inverter Review update


Growatt Inverter Review 

growatt solar inverter

We welcome you in reading our very own Growatt solar Inverter review. We can write about these Growatt products extensively as we have been familiar with the Chinese Powerhouse brand since 2011!


Daniel, CEO, pictured outside Growatt’s factory in Shenzhen, China

2020 Growatt Inverter update

It’s been over 18 months since Big Red and I boosted out of the QLD Solar & Lighting headquarters in Phuket all the way to Shenzhen and met the great crew at the Growatt solar inverter factory. We have since installed over 200 of these inverters and only had 1 failure in that time! And the circumstances around that are a bit cloudy… The fuse out on the road, Energex’s blew and the Growatt inverter spat up a red leaf just 1 week after installation. The Energex contractor apologised to the customer as he believes it was the old Infrastructure out at The Gap that did it. Nonetheless, we replaced the inverter free of charge for the understandably distressed customer. But that’s it. They’re our favourite inverter. Cheap and just work. Reliability 2 years on is incredibly impressive.


Growatt have just released a new range of off-grid solar inverters in Australia. As we have nothing to do with off-grid solar inverters, we don’t sell them or know anything about them, but they have released them now in QLD. They even approached us to wholesale them. We only do on-grid stuff at this stage.


 Have you heard bad things about Growatt inverters?

Many solar power companies have been using Growatt solar inverters since they first arrived in to Australia, way back in 2011!

Most early adopters, like many early solar adopters regretted their decision to offer budget Chinese Solar inverters between 2011 to around 2015, and Growatt was no exception! 

Early Growatt models have proven to be on the ‘Chinese Shit list’ – but to be fair I dont think there was a Chinese inverter made back then that would be considered to be a good unit today – They were all horrendous, and it’s a credit to Growatt just for the fact that in 2019 they are still here, giving warranty support for even the 2011 build inverters, and furthermore, designing and releasing new inverter models in 2019!

Growatt Inverter Review
This is the Growat Shine Vision


Growatt Website


Growatt Inverter Review
The Growatt 5000MTL was heavily installed by Queensland Solar and Lighitng until mass failures.

It now appears that Zeversolar inverters have cut their ties with German Company, SMA, so we will be cranking out the Growatt in their replacement! 

Growatt inverters – The Good

We are well into 2019 and Growatt are still making solar inverters and are still around to replace them. The best thing about the Growatt inverter is that we can install 6.6kw of solar panels on to them!

We are excited to include Growatt inverters in our Brisbane solar system packagessee our solar system prices here

Growatt are proving to stick around in this cut-throat industry, which is fantastic. A feat in itself.  

We believe other solar companies are using the Growatt inverters still. I’m not sure how they go for replacing them under warranty. They seem to have a few reviews.


faulty growatt inverter review
This was typical of the older style Growatt inverters before 2017. 2017 is when they modified their failed earlier design and sought out to fix the errors. This was installed on a local Toyota car yard.


Growatt in 2019

Growatt have been an excellent choice of inverter in the last few years. Not only have they sorted out their failure rates, they have also been putting their 250+ R&D staff to work!


Growatt’s dedication to FREE WIFI and Communication for the end user and their solar system is off the chart!

We were extremely impressed by their factory and assembly they have got going in China, just over the Hong Kong border, in Shenzhen.

The new 2019 Growatt 6000TL-X – Hook up 8kw of panels to this mean machine!

They have just launched their new range of inverters, the X Series. The X Series has a newer, modern look and includes a 6kw single phase inverter! This is exciting as we can now offer 8kw Solar systems, with a Smart Meter for single-phase households from just $6500!


This is their 10kw Single-phase rig they make for the USA market. I’ve asked them to re-design one for Australia. Growatt are looking into it!
Growatt factory was surprisingly as clean as a whistle! Honest to god, (even though I’m a full-blown Atheist!) not too far behind what I witnessed at the Fronius factory in Austria, in 2016.

Growatt Summary

Growatt have proved to QLD Solar & Lighting that they are Fair Dinkum’ in reagrds to their approach to the Australian Solar industry. They are showing great intent, especially with their innovative aproach, and technology as diverse as Batteries and EV Chargers for a range of cars all over the world!

If you have been offered a Growatt Solar inverter, in a solar system proposal, we fully recommend that you have no hesitations in questioning the solar retailers intent on providing you a good, reliable solar system for your home!

2021 Growatt Update – 10kw Single phase inverter has been announced for release this year.

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  1. Amazing product – highly recommend

  2. Philip King 2 years ago

    6000TL-X-2019 inverter – Fantastic bit of gear – best bang for your buck!

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