Enphase solar inverter review

Enphase Solar Inverter Review

Enphase Solar Inverters

Enphase micro-inverters are some of the best micro-inverters you can find in the world. The company was founded in 2006 and they produced their first microinverter in 2008. Since then, they have become a dominant player in the micro-inverter market. In the Greater Brisbane Region, 6.3kw 18x350w or 6.6kW 20x330w solar systems with the IQ7+Enphase inverter cost between $89,000 and $12,000. Here are some of the reasons why they are worth every penny you spend on them. Enphase micro-inverters are considered the best in their category. A cheaper alternative to consider if you are wanting to use microinverters, would be the cheaper Hoymiles microinverters

How Micro-Inverters Work

Microinverters are small inverters, which are attached to each solar panel installed on your roof. It is different from the common setup where several solar panels send their DC power to a single inverter, which then converts it into AC power.

Highly Durable – Enphase inverters are built strong

Enphase microinverters are quite reliable. Their rate of failure is extremely low. The reason for this is that the inverters come with zero moving parts compared to string inverters. Besides that, they utilize 75% fewer components than the usual string inverters. Additionally, the inverters undergo a rigorous testing regime to ensure they perform optimally in the harsh Australian weather. As a result, there is less risk of anything going wrong.

Benefits of using IQ7+ microinverters.

Enphase Microinverters Offer Maximum Power Output Even in Shaded Areas

If you live in an area with heavy shading due, the Enhpase microinverters should be included in your solar system. If you opt for string inverters, your solar system will only deliver as much output as the weakest panel.

Enphase Microinverters are Safer

A major consideration when installing any electrical system in your home is the safety of your family. Enphase microinverters convert DC power from solar panels directly into AC power at the mounting point.

Various studies have shown that transporting DC power is relatively unsafe. In case of damage, DC power being transported over cables from the roof to inside your home is prone to arcing. It can increase the risk of your home catching fire and causing injuries to occupants. The safest way to transport power from the solar panels to the inside of your home is AC power. With the IQ7+ microinverters, you can be confident that you are not exposing your family to any fire risk by installing solar panels.

Monitor Your Solar System with a Convenient App

Enphase microinverters allow you to monitor the production of each solar using a free app. With the app, you can determine which solar panel is experiencing a drop in production. It will allow you to reposition the solar panel or check it for defects.  

Enphase have Great Warranty Terms

If you are planning to buy a solar system that utilizes Enhpase microinverters, you will get one of the best warranties in the microinverter industry. The company offers a standard 10-year warranty for all micros that includes labor and component replacement.

enphase solar warranty

If a homeowner wants to extend the warranty, they can extend by up to 15 years. For a 6-7kW solar system, the cost is $146 for a 5-year extension, $334 for a 10-year extension, and $617 for a 15-year extension. The warranty extension can be purchase upon the commissioning of the system or 6 months after the commissioning of the system.


 In general, the higher initial cost of micro inverters is worth it. However, you should note that only high-quality inverters, such as those made by Enphase would give you the benefits mentioned above.


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