Zeversolar Inverter Review

2019 Update

In the 3 years installing Zeverlution model Zeversolar inverters, we have only had one die! a 5kw Zeversolar insatlled last year that surprisingly died within the first month – All was replaced easily by Zeversolar and we had the problem sorted within about 8 days by memory.

Fronius inverters, we have now had 4 fail, and it takes a lot longer to convince Fronius that their inverter needs replacement under warranty, but we usually have the Fronius setup and replaced within 17 days of customer letting us know.

*Our install ratio of Zeversolar inverters to Fronius are 1:1 (we sell roughly the same amount of Zeversolar and Fronius)

*since the end of 2018 Zeversolar has been sneaking the price up of Zeversolar inverters, compared to the bottom end of the market – i.e Your Goodwe’s, SunGrow, Solis’s and stuff… We think they have realised that they are on a good product and know that they’re Zeversolar Zeverlution is brilliant. They also have Australian born workers at Zeversolar in Australia. Not having to speak Chinglish, as needed with the other inverter manufacturers.




2017 Update

Finally the 4 and 5kw Zeversolar ZEVERLUTION inverters have arrived in Australia! 

We have been waiting for these as they are the first 5kw inverter made after the German company, SMA’s takeover a few years ago. The new 5kw Zeverlutions include WI-fi as standard, can upgrade to a 10 year warranty for just a further $150 and because they are rated at 5000 watts we are able to put 6.5kw of panels into them!

99.25% owned by SMA… Too good!

How to Set WI-fi monitoring up for Zeversolar inverter?

Here we have uploaded the manuals from Zeversolar to help you understand how to connect your Zeversolar inverter via wi-fi using your Iphone.

Connecting a Zevercom using an Iphone

Creating a Zevercloud Account

Queensland Solar and Lighting has been using Zeversolar inverters with fantastic results for over 6 months now, after we gave our former Chinese inverter – JFY inverters a flick, that we decided to write a Zeversolar inverter review.

zeversolar inverter


Let me introduce Zeversolar inverters by suggesting that they are a ‘cheaper solar inverter alternative to a European inverter – namely the German SMA Inverter, or Austrian Fronius inverter. Nevermind the Italian made ABB Aurora inverter – Nearly any inverter sold is easily better than that Italian dog box, hands down.

Zeversolar Inverters Website

Zeversolar – Best Quality at Best Price

ZeverSolar inverters are for those customers who don’t mind what country the Solar inverters are made in, as Zeversolar inverters are Made in China. But most importantly, Zeversolar inverters are for those who want piece of mind knowing they are getting a fantastic inverter with an even more impressive warranty behind the product. This is Zeversolar’s strength. You see, unlike the majority of Chinese solar inverters sold in Australia, Zeversolar actually has an Office and Representation here. Sure, that alone doesn’t mean much as horrendous inverter competitors such as ABB and JFY do too, but what sets Zeversolar inverters apart from the rest is the fact that ‘Zeversolar is part of the SMA Group’ and if you don’t know who and what SMA (a German company) are in the solar industry, it’s worth more than your while to check them out. SMA are the Ducks Nuts or Bees Knees of the solar game. SMA offer the best inverter on the market, the SMA SunnyBoy, but it comes at a price, over $1000 more in price than the Zeversolar – put simply, SMA’s Chinese inverter alternative.

Sma Zeversolar chinese inverter - part of the SMA Group
Zeversolar – Part of the SMA Group.


Zeversolar inverters are not an SMA Product. They simply are owned by SMA. If you are familiar with the Australian car market back in the 90’s… remember Daewoo’s, cheap Korean cars, yet not bad, and excellent warranty service. They were not a Holden, but all part of the General Motors group, so your warranty ultimately lied with General Motors. Daewoo actually now go by the name of GM Korea. What GM did to customers in Australia who purchased Daewoo’s at their local Holden dealership, for those who opted for a cheaper Daewoo Sportswagon over the VT commodore wagon, was take the risk out of Daewoo potentially closing the doors while in Warranty period for their customers. Just like SMA operates with Zeversolar. Put simply, there has to be no more SMA, for there to be no more Zeversolar. A Daewoo wasn’t a Commodore, but it was a car, and a Zeversolar isn’t a German Made SMA SunnyBoy, but it is a solar inverter.

SMA Takeover of Zeversolar

Zeversolar were once named Eversolar, this was earlier on, before the mighty German SMA solar company bought into them in 2012, as SMA were losing many solar customers to those in the market looking to install solar onto their houses and using good ‘bang for buck’ Chinese solar components.

In the beginning Zeversolar was only 70’% owned by SMA, nowadays they ramped up ownership to 99.25%

Who knows, maybe preparing to Manufacture SMA Sunnyboy’s in China in the near future? 2017 answer, YES! SMA 5kw inverters are now made in China!

Zeverlution series solar inverter
Zeversolar Zeverlution is by far the best Solar inverter Pound for Pound on the market right now!

ZeverSolar now has a new inverter range out, THE ZEVERLUTION S, and it does seem very impressive. Only available for 1.5kw, 2kw and 3kw at the moment, with the bigger inverters to come out later in 2016. These inverters are keeping up with the latest in solar inverter technology offered by reputable competitors around the globe. With the inclusion of built in wi-fi connection, and 5 year standard warranties upgradeable to 10 years at the price that the Zeversolars are sold for, with the warranty that is provided clearly make the Zeversolar inverter a personal favourite of mine.

1.5 – 3kw Zeverlution Datasheet

12 thoughts on “Zeversolar Inverter Review”

  1. Daniel Queensland Solar & Lighting

    Thanks for your Comment Stuart.

    I think the issue could be that Zeversolar doesn’t have a UK office at the moment – whereas in Australia, Zeversolar has a presence here. They are regularly in contact with us, and we cannot fault their service at all. The guy who manages Zeversolar in Australia, Dean, is an Australian. Whereas previously before we were speaking to Chinese representatives of Growatt and JFY.

    Also Zeversolar has just released their new ZEVERLUTION inverter series, so it might be worthwhile to chck them out.

    I can honestly say that Zeversolar’s warranty support in Australia is fantastic. truly, no different to the major European inverters that are sold over here and I cannot see them slowing down as they are 99.25% SMA, and SMA really starting to take control of them now.

    If circumstances change we will notify you, and pull Zeversolar inverters from our range, but they have too many positives on their side (SMA OWNED, Australian Employees and communication) for us to see this happening.

    I hope ZEVERSOLAR can get a presence in UK and offer you the same fantastic support that we experience over here!

    Have a great 2016 Stuart!

  2. I have just had a replacement ZEVERSOLAR inverter installed and anything will be better than the Sharp 1.5, three times in the last 6 years it has had a D27 relay fail and have had to wait three months for the repair.

    1. Daniel Queensland Solar & Lighting

      yes, the SHARP inverters are notoriously known for being one of the worst inverters and Manufacturers for warranty claim… even though they were Made in Japan.

    1. Daniel Queensland Solar & Lighting

      Hi Drewe,

      Yes, the Zeversolar inverter has been very reliable for us, not 1 fail yet, since January this year as this is a new 2017 model. Very happy and confident in Zeversolar Australia to help us when the time comes.

  3. I have the option of having a Solax X1 Boost 5kW or a Zeverlution 5000 for the same price. Which one is better in reliability, quality and warranty support if anything goes wrong. Both have Australian support.

  4. I’m getting a new Zeverlution 5000 (ZVRZL5000S). Confusing info regarding in built WiFi function when compared to product data sheet (Updated 2017). It says optional on the data sheet but I was told that it is standard by the zeversolar sales guy. Can anyone confirm which is accurate.

    1. Daniel Queensland Solar & Lighting


      We asked Zeversolar the same question. They answered us saying that the Datasheets are generic and that ALL the Zeversolar inverters in Australia, designed for Australia come with WI-FI as standard. We can now confirm that after installing hundreds of the 2017 model already.

  5. at age 85 and the new owner of a zeversolar 1.5kw inverter I would like to know if at the beginning of each day it restarts from zero, all I get is the PAC reading and no mention of total kw since start up, help me please

  6. I understand SMA have sold its Chinese Companies in 2019.
    I also understand that the Zever inverter will NOT be available after 1/1/2020.
    Your comment on the availability after 1/1/2020 pls.

    1. yeah, i’ve heard that too. I think they are going to be resold as something else. Also the Zeversolars are good. They have proven to be reliable and will continually be supported by SMA.

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