Monocystalline Vs Polycrystalline Solar Panels

So you’ve had a few solar salesman come around and tell you that the panels they sell are better than all the other competitors offerings’??

“Our panels are the best because they are (MONOCRYSTALLINE  / POLYCRYSTALLINE)!!” – A few have said this… now you are really confused??


Let me put it straight and simple, It’s 2013, Monocrytalline Panels are now considered old technology and redundant. Monocrystalline Panels were once considered the very best (and they were) but the Mono’s cost more to  make, and the Poly’s technology and testing has now caught up and achieve a result that has surpassed the Mono’s for a cheaper price. Because of this, most manufacturers are no longer considering Monocrystalline a viable option, either should you.

To put it bluntly, if any company is out there offering Monocrystallines to you, please take into careful consideration and  disregard this as they are more than likely using old test results (as all the current Photon Magazine test results clearly show that Polycrystalline panels out perform their more expensive, operation wound-down, redundant Monocrystalline counterparts.)

Also, Pollycrystalline panels are PROVEN TO PERFORM BETTER IN HOTTER CLIMATES, If you live in QLD, or DARWIN, NT, isn’t it a no brainer? Thinking Caps on people…


More is said on the matter here

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