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We try and offer the best pricing on 6.6kw solar systems in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and the surrounding areas without substituting quality workmanship.

We no-longer advertise to sell Cheaper Chinese brand panels as we have learned from our mistakes.

This website, you may find, is a bit different from the other Brisbane Solar company’s websites you will come across on the internet. The reason being is that someone in the Brisbane solar industry actually built it themselves – wrote and designed (that part might be obvious haha), but that’s because we are solar experts, not web design experts. We have written an Australian Solar Buyers guide, and also a Children’s storybook with solar panels as the theme too.

The Best Brisbane – Solar Installation Company

Because we have been around for over 10 years, we have been recognised as one of the best solar installers in Brisbane by  “The Best Brisbane.com

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We win many customers and fans because of the way ‘we tell it like it is’ and the website doesn’t read like a generic solar website, ‘please fill out this form, and you will receive a quote from our friendly sales team’ – what rubbish is that?! You guys came across this website from Google because you want to research solar power, not hear yet another bullshit sales spiel. We have good information for people to read for anyone considering purchasing a solar power system in Australia. We also host one of the most successful solar power podcasts in the world that keep listeners entertained and informed on news in the solar industry.

We Install Solar systems all over NSW and Queensland!

Call us today: 07 5636 3692 or 0411 348 400

We are always putting our customers first. We want to listen to you and help you find what you need.

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