Solar panel childrens book

Free Children’s Solar Panel Storybook

The Mighty Solar Panel: Free Children’s storybook

During our spare time in Lockdown this year, our Queensland Solar& Lighting team took time out to write a Children’s book on solar power. The book teaches young kids, and maybe even adults, about solar power while entertaining them.

Solar panel childrens book

Download The Mighty Solar Panel Children’s Ebook

You can download The Mighty Solar Panel – Solar Panel Children’s Book for free here.


Have you ever seen a solar farm?

Jack hadn’t, but the first time he did, he ended up going on the most amazing adventure. With the help of his friend, Sunny the sunbeam.

Jack is taken on a journey of discovery which teaches him all about how rays of sunlight are turned into the electricity we use in our homes.

And as well as learning how incredible and world-changing solar panels really are, he might have discovered that his own priorities in life have changed…


Has your child asked you “Mum/Dad what are those glass panel things?” when seeing solar panels?

You wished there was a good way of teaching and explaining to your children just what exactly a solar panel is, and what they do? Well, we hope this free children’s book can assist you in teaching your child about solar power and renewable energy. We also hope you are enjoying the time reading the book together also.


how to explain solar and renewable energy to a child
“What are those solar panels? What do solar panels do? Why are they there?”

Amazon Kindle Version

Solar energy Childrens book on AmazonIf you were wanting to read the story on Amazon Kindle, we have made a pop-up children’s book. The Amazon edition you can find here. This is also a free download for those that have a Kindle Unlimited membership.

The Mighty Solar Panel – Hard Copy

We have ordered a decent amount of hard copies of the Children’s storybook. We plan to give some copies away to new and existing customers of ours. If you would like to give us any feedback, that would be great. We will let you all know when the hard copy of the book arrives.

renewable energy childrens story book
Daniel wrote this book with children’s new love of renewable energy in mind.



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