Searching for a Solar Power Forum, an online community to talk and discuss about your solar options, or look for real customer reviews?

We recommend Everything Solar Facebook group.

This group is full of installers and information you wish to know where you can find all the answers to questions you wish to ask about a potential solar install on your house.

We hope you are sick of reading the same garbage posted by the same people on their ‘micro-managed’ solar forums, where they appear to be moderated by parties who have a vested interest in what results from the content published on their own solar panel forum websites. We aim to fix this by promoting what promises to be a better website.

Want a better Solar power Forum that the heavily biased Whirlpool solar forum?

solar power forum
whirlpool forums solar. This is the worst solar power forum on the web!

A Solar System forum community on the web, where people discuss solar systems, panels and inverters online and review them independently. We hope there will not be any mass marketing campaigns and spam in the content.

We hope this website soon becomes one of the internet most trusted and respected websites. Everything Solar is aimed at being the go-to Solar power forum.

currently  is Australia’s number one Solar Power Forum, but a few small solar power companies in the Brisbane region are trying to get there own reputable solar power forum up and running. Many people believe whirlpool to be extremely bias towards a select few solar companies however.

Solar power forum discussion will take place an the new website
We aim to offer a Solar power website where all thing solar panel and inverter related can be discussed.

We really do not like what is said on whirlpool as it appears it is dictated by many solar companies regionally controlling the content and installers.

The local guys would love to have you come along and participate in the new solar power forum. You are invited to voice your opinion in the new solar system website.

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