Sunteams Inverter

Do you own a KLNE Sunteams inverter?
Has it stopped working?

KLNE Sunteams inverter
The terrible KLNE Sunteams inverter… Get it replaced!

Has your KLNE Sunteams inverter become faulty?
These KLNE sunteams inverters have been known to be amongst the worst inverters ever installed on solar systems in Brisbane and around Australia.

At Queensland solar and lighting we have been getting many phone calls and emails from customers who have a broken Sunteams inverter sitting on their wall, and no longer powering their solar panels.

The worst thing is, these solar panel customers call us warning the contact information for KLNE. We cannot help these customers as KLNE is no longer around. They flooded the market with these inverters back 2010 2011. They had many solar power systems in Brisbane and Gold Coast hooked up with their Sunteams inverters, but have failed to show up when their customers need them most, in the event of a KLNE Sunteams inverter warranty claim!

We believe that KLNE went into liquidation as they could simply not keep up with the demand of inverter replacement needed. Put simply, this inverter was so bad that was the end of the company. The Sunteams inverter was and is horrendous.


Do you want to contact  and phone KLNE  (KinLong New Energy) for their inverter warranty? Ha, good luck!

All we can tell Sunteams inverter customers is that there inverter is out of warranty and all we can do to help them is replace their faulty KLNE Sunteams inverter with a brand new JFY or SMA warranty. This new inverter replaced by QLD Solar and Lighting will come with a 10 year warranty and will service their Brisbane solar system very well!

KLNE Sunteams inverter warranty
Don’t believe everything Photon magazine pumps out… one thing for sure is that they cannot rate and score on reliability – Clearly!

Another option you can do, is have these inverters fixed by a local inverter repairer if the inverter failure isn’t too traumatic. However, in this case you will still be out of pocket around $500 and steel, with a inverter that is known for its faults, and also an inverter with no warranty. For this reason it is just best to write off your loss and whack in a new JFY or SMA inverter.

A poor man pays twice, just get the faulty some teams inverter replaced.

KLNE Sunteams inverter review

KLNE Sunteams inverter review
KLNE Sunteams inverter review

These inverters are so poor that they are not even worth doing a KLNE Sunteams inverter review on. The solar inverters are just horrendous. However, if you are reading this in 2015 I would say that you have definitely got your money worth out of the solar inverter, and consider yourself lucky, as there are many many other customers who weren’t so lucky and had to replace their inverter fairly soon after installation. As you can imagine, this left quite a few solar power customers pierced off with KLNE Sunteams Inverters, and rightly so!

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