If you are renting or own a warehouse, more than likely your lighting is coming from the high bay lights that are situated on the roof.


High Bay Lights are used when there is a high-ceiling space to a light area of at leastRead more

LED Shop Lighters Gold Coast: Quality Design, Efficient Performance

Welcome to the latest designs in LED Shop Lights Gold Coast from the Queensland Solar and Lighting Company. Our catalogue of LED Shop Lights Gold Coast features LED lights… Read more

LED Shop Lighters Brisbane: Power Efficiency Guaranteed

The Queensland Solar and Lighting Company brings you the best LED Shop Lighters Brisbane made with the latest illumination technology. We are the fastest growing network of electric… Read more

LED MR 16 Brisbane: The Right Direction

We at the Queensland Solar and Lighting Company are stocking a brand new range of LED MR 16 Brisbane Lights. We understand the importance of efficient lighting for your home and workspace. The LED MR 16 Read more

LED Downlights Gold Coast: Light up Your Lives

Welcome to our blog about LED downlights Gold Coast. We at the Queensland Solar and

Lighting Company are the largest distributors and suppliers of electric equipments and fixtures

in the country.… Read more

LED Downlights Brisbane: Greater Illumination, Lesser Cost

Queensland Solar and Lighting Company have brought you the latest collection of LED

downlights Brisbane. We know that downlights are a must have to give your home a modern look

and… Read more

Brisbane brings Commercial lighting to the foray – Commercial Lighting Brisbane

Welcome to our review of commercial Lighting Brisbane. Commercial lighting plays an extremely important role in our everyday lives, a fact that may… Read more

Commercial Solar Lighting Brisbane – the Benefits!

Welcome to the review outlining the benefits of commercial solar lighting Brisbane. Here, we list some of the key advantages of moving your entire lighting system to solar, and how this scores… Read more

LED Light Wholesaler Brisbane


With LED light getting to be ubiquitous in applications at home and commercial establishments, those in the Sunny State need to know more about the LED light wholesaler in Brisbane.

LEDs are cleaner, efficient… Read more

Commercial Solar Lighting NSW – a Review

Are your rising energy bills causing you to consider moving to commercial solar lighting NSW? This blog outlines why this is a good decision to make!

Commercial Solar Lighting NSW

First things first – let us quickly understand what… Read more

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