LED MR 16 Brisbane

LED MR 16 Brisbane: The Right Direction

We at the Queensland Solar and Lighting Company are stocking a brand new range of LED MR 16 Brisbane Lights. We understand the importance of efficient lighting for your home and workspace. The LED MR 16 Brisbane lights are an attempt to get you the most efficient lighting in the market at affordable price. This collection is made by the latest technology and is the very last word on directional light. We provide power efficient, focused lighting that lend a sophisticated and urbane feeling to your home. With MR 16s increasingly leading the market of home and work space illumination, we have updated our stock to the latest products and models.

LED MR 16 Brisbane

What are LED MR 16 lights?

The LED Multifaceted Reflector (MR) lights are the product of the most modern technology. These are the lighting fixtures that provide light at a beam angle of fifteen, twenty-five and thirty-six degrees, unlike the ninety degree straight beam angle of the downlights design. They are also more power efficient, and can provide up to 50W of power. They are a huge improvement on the incandescent MR 16 bulbs as they give less heat output and run longer. Incandescent bulbs usually need a heat shield to reduce temperature increase, but this is not the case with LED MR 16s. They are also called retro fit lamps and they are more energy saving and color efficient than your average downlights. They have higher candle power and lumen intensity and can be made compatible with drivers and dimmers.

LED MR 16 Brisbane Lights distributed by us

We stock LED MR 16 lights from Philips Lighting, OSRAM Sylvania, GE Lighting, Cree Inc and other manufacturers. We only use MR 16 models that have sorted out compatibility issues between transformers, dimmers and size constraints so our models are the most modern in terms of technology and style. All our products are Energy Star certified, so they have all the up to date requirements from MR 16s. They also come in the accepted color temperature and lumen output range to guarantee thermal compatibility. With most ordinary LED MR 16 lamps, the extremely small size is an issue for managing thermal compatibility, in other words, the temperature of the junction diode increases because the size is too small to adequately dissipate the heat. But in our newest range of LED MR 16 Brisbane, this problem has been completely sorted out to give you a higher power output without the accompanying thermal issues.

So how do you access our LED MR 16 Brisbane. It is extremely simple. All you have to do is contact us, on our website or our stress to get a free quote and sales advice. We will guide you through the entire process of selecting the right LED MR 16 Brisbane. Once you have made the selection, we will send electricians to install the light in your office or workspace. Our quick and efficient customer service ensures that you get the best LED MR 16 Brisbane lights in the country from our distribution company.


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