LED Downlights Gold Coast

LED Downlights Gold Coast: Light up Your Lives

Welcome to our blog about LED downlights Gold Coast. We at the Queensland Solar and

Lighting Company are the largest distributors and suppliers of electric equipments and fixtures

in the country. Our collection of LED downlights Gold Coast is updated to the latest models

from all the major electric companies from around the world. We also have products from local

manufacturers. It is our professional responsibility to ensure that the LED downlights Gold

Coast are installed in your home with minimum trouble on your side. We are a committed

network of salesmen and distributors who bring affordable and power effective electric

equipments right at your doorstep.

LED downlights are the latest products in the market and they have taken the world of

illumination by storm. LEDs have numerous benefits over incandescent and halogen tubes. They

consume up to 85% less power, and can run up to 30,000 hours while a normal tungsten filament

bulb can only run to a maximum of 15,000 hours. They are flexible and can be fitted into a

number of designs, one of which is the downlights design.

LED downlights Gold Coast: Advantages

So why are LED downlights the latest craze? Well, turns out they are a very cost effective

method of illuminating your home. LED downlights come in circular shapes and can be fitted

into any size. You can use them as desk lamps as well as ceiling lamps to provide lighting. The

light comes at a beam angle of ninety degrees, letting you have straight, focused lighting. LED

downlights are being increasingly used to give interiors as well as outdoors a real urbane effect,

and it is time Brisbane wakes up to the idea.

LED Downlights Gold Coast

LED Lights Gold Coast from our company

We are committed to bringing you the best and latest designs in LED downlights Gold Coast.

We offer a number of products which can be browsed freely on our website catalogue. There

you can also find the voltage and power requirements, cost, pros and cons etc. We also offer

free quotes from the best electric experts to help you choose the best quality downlights for your

home. Once you have made a purchase, we send technicians to your home to install the LED

downlights Gold Coast. The entire process is quick and very hassle-free for you. The latest

designs in LED technology means we can install the lighting with the entire housing fitted inside

the ceiling, so no cluttering with wires and other stuff. We also provide lights in different colors

and with optional dimmers installed.

We only use products certified in quality and safety measures. Our range of companies and

brands means that you are guaranteed to find something that would fit your budget. As soon as

the electric companies like Philips, Havells, OSRAM bring out a new model in light fixtures, we

contact them and stock it. Thus we have the latest designs in strip lighting, under cabinet lighting

as well as spot lighting for greater illumination in dressing rooms and work areas. You can jazz

up your home and commercial space with the latest collections of LED downlights Gold Coast.

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