solis solar inverter spec sheet review

Solis Inverter review

Solis Inverter Review – 2021 update


While Solis is still one of the cheaper solar inverters made, it is no longer the cheapest! Solis has also been around for a good while now that if you are considering to buy a bargain priced solar system, the Solis solar inverter is probably the safest bet compared to what else sits amongst it’s price point.

You will be very fortunate that you have stumbled across this Solis Solar Inverter review, as we have researched the Solis inverter and been in contact with Solis Australia who have provided a wealth of information!

Please understand that the Solis inverter is a cheap inverter!
One of the cheapest inverters you can get!

It is also one of the cheapest solar inverters you can buy in Australia. Of course it isn’t going to be the best, but it should be a good enough inverter to get you over the line and do the job.

PRO’s for Solis is they have been around in Australia for a long time now, but we are unsure on how well they handle warranty claims.  We are just letting you know that they are one of the cheapest solar inverters you can buy from an Australian wholesaler – They’d probably be cheap for a reason.


If you have been told that it is a ‘PREMIUM INVERTER’ you have been lied to! Premium inverters are made in either Europe or Australia.

If you are researching the Solis Solar Power inverter then you have probably had the Solis inverter included in a solar package you have been quoted for – Are we right in guessing that the Solar quote you have received fits in the ‘Too good to be true?’ price range?

The Solis inverter is one of the cheapest solar inverters we can find on the market. When is the cheapest ever the best? 

Solis Solar inverter – CHINESE Quality?

You see, the Solis inverter is actually a rebadged ‘Ginlong’ inverter – If Ginlong sounds Chinese,it certainly is. Check out the Solis inverter website here – Provides a wealth of information. However, these have an Australian support office.

You are best to purchase a good quality European inverter, such as the Fronius Primo inverter or SMA Sunnyboy. This inverter is Made in Germany.

We also have fantastic prices on 13.2kw solar systems in Brisbane using the Growatt or Fronius inverters!

Many may want to take a punt on a cheaper Chinese inverter, such as the Solis.

You would be best to ask us for a Sungrow inverter. It is the most expensive inverter made in China, but probably the best. The Sungrowis a  No-brainer for those that want to save some money on an inverter. A much better option than the Solis Inverter. in 2020 we would also recommend to have a look at the new Delta Solar inverter.

solis inverter review
A wealth of information is provided on the Solis Ginlong website.

Who is Ginlong then?

So we have now established that a ‘Solis’ inverter is really a ‘GINLONG’ inverter – then who and what is Ginlong?

We have been fortunate enough to have Peter from Ginlong Australia contact us, and share his information and knowledge about the Solis inverters in Australia, you can read below what he has sent us. Seems impressive!;

Hi Queensland Solar & Lighting,

Yes our Solis inverters are manufactured in China and yes we must compete with other Chinese and Asian manufacturers and this is often based on price. However we are rarely the cheapest and also compete with the very best of the world’s manufacturers based on quality and technology. In each of our global markets we usually supply only through the top 3 or 4 companies in that market. We from time to time have lost customers due to price, but never based on our quality, reliability, service or technology. Our inverters are being used on the Eiffel Tower in Paris for example….they could have chosen an inverter from Europe but our equipment is also very well regarded there.
You will find that much of the high end electronics in most Australian homes will have the manufacturer often located in China. Chinese manufacturers can and do manufacture leading technology and high end quality when that is the specification. It is also true that when directed to produce something to a low price point this will also be achieved. Of course anything that is purely aimed at meeting the lowest price point will most likely have its quality compromised.
Our manufacturing company is Ningbo Ginlong Technologies Co. Ltd a specialist engineering and small scale wind turbine (<30kW) manufacturing company. Our solar PV inverters begin their design life as being for use with wind turbine equipment. The programming and design is then altered for the simpler requirements of solar PV.
The Ningbo Ginlong Technologies Co. Ltd facility was purpose designed and built for the manufacture of small scale wind turbine equipment and solar PV inverters. Manufacturing takes place in atmospherically controlled rooms and utilises sophisticated automation where appropriate. Every inverter under goes lengthy operational testing prior to final packaging. Random inverters are also removed from the production line for more intense testing. The Solis branding originated here in Australia for our solar PV inverters and is now used globally.
We have a long history in the Australian market as we were one of the first three imported solar PV inverters to enter the Australian market. Solis continue to supply through one of the top 3 energy retailers and also through a small number of specialist solar wholesalers including PGK Distribution, OZ Roll, and Si Clean Energy. It has never been our desire to sell through every available outlet. It is more important to us that our sales channels are invested in the Solis products and service, not just moving boxes.
The CEO of Ginlong Technologies has directed our engineers to maintain product reliability and longevity in all aspects of design through manufacture. Many of our clients from around the globe put a premium on the consistent delivery of a reliable product, particularly where PPA and finance based sales products are used. The Ginlong Technologies manufacturing facility is routinely (on a monthly basis) quality audited by third party quality auditors to satisfy these clients. It is this ongoing pressure applied to our manufacturing facility that brings about continuous improvement in design and manufacturing processes.
Solis Australasia Pty Ltd is the direct Australian subsidiary company to Ningbo Ginlong Technologies Co Ltd. We are well established in Australia to provide after sales back up and warranty support to our clients. We directly support the end user should they experience any problem with a Solis inverter. Our reputation for the supply of very good quality products and the necessary back up service is extremely important to us. The Australian renewable energy industry has had many companies arrive, make a big noise with their products and then disappear again. Some of those products have come from China and others have originated from Europe. Our approach has always been to thoroughly design and test our products prior to release in our various markets. It is our hard earned reputation for very good products and back up support that has steadily and quietly increased our market share in all of our markets.
ginlong solis inverter
– They make the solar inverters in China, in this factory. 

Solis inverter review – Performance

solis solar inverter spec sheet review
Solis 5000 takes on all other Chinese inverters in it’s price range with similar specifications.

Solis inverters have been around for quite a few years now. That is impressive! Solis are still here! whilst others have come and gone in that time, Aerosharp, SunnyRoo and more recently BOSCH. Not a lot of reputable solar installing companies are offering this Chinese inverter, as they dont like dealing with the high range of faults that cheaper Chinese inverters are known for.

AGL Electricity retailer are notorious for selling this cheap Solis solar inverter

You may have been quoted a solar system from AGL energy retailer, they are well-known for using the Solis inverter, and still keep using the inverter, even after many problems experienced with the Solis and unsatisfied customers.

agl solar power and Solis inverter review
Best to steer clear of AGL and their Solis inverter. They might not have a good relationship with Solis or know the product. Perhaps this was an older model that was causing them problems. You may very well end up a statistic too. Click to enlarge.

The Solis inverter is seen to be a favourite inverter offered by the companies who mass advertise, whether it be on TV, RADIO, or the internet. Thanks for reading this Solis Inverter review

26 thoughts on “Solis Inverter review”

  1. Hi,

    just wondering if it is possible to adjust the ac working voltage on these inverters (mine is single phase) up a little bit to say around 245V AC ?? If so how is it done.

    Many thanks for any info you may have

  2. OOPS, sorry email error there


    just wondering if it is possible to adjust the ac working voltage on these inverters (mine is single phase) up a little bit to say around 245V AC ?? If so how is it done.

    Many thanks for any info you may have

  3. Roger Edwards

    Cannot be any worse than my SMA Sunny Boy SB2000 HF-30. 1 Month past the 5 year warranty period it gave up completely. Co-incidence? SMA’s response was ‘tough luck’! Who said buy European quality????

    1. Daniel Queensland Solar & Lighting

      Yeah, thats what happens. Unlucky, I would just go with a Zeversolar inverter. Great Warranty, owned by SMA and half the price!

  4. Thankyou for your reviewing of this. I am in Melbourne Victoria. Can you recommend a good supplier down her for a solar package. Thankyou.
    ps you may have received this email twice-wasn’t sure if it went through the first time. Many thanks for all your efforts. Magi

  5. Can anyone give me some advice for a solis 5000DB inverter mine has just stopped working and now have a huge electricity bill. i just happened to notice only a red flickering light was on no green operation light.
    I cannot see anything on the display at all??? is it stuffed or is there something i can try and do to maybe reset it ???? any advice would be appreciated even a name of a company that can take a look i have no idea who to call. ( Besides Ghots busters ) LOL
    Thanks guys
    Gavin 0415322686

  6. I have been offered a solid 2.2kw to replace my 7 year old inverter.
    Reading this I am having second thoughts
    Please advise, I can’t go bigger that 2.2 to retain my feed back tariff
    Thanks. I am in Melbourne

  7. I have signed up for a 5kw system with a reputable(?) company. They quoted level1 seraphin panels and a 5kw Solax Inverter. After signing a contract they have sent me another contract with a Solis inverter and used this one to replace the solax. This seems a bit dodgy to me. Can someone give me some advice. Which is better Solis or Solax ?

  8. Thanks Daniel. I refused to sign the new contract and told them to cancel the agreement and refund my deposit. Without hesitation, they agreed to supply a Solax….there are a lot of shifty companies out there…everyone….be careful.

  9. How is this a review for Solis? You used a screenshot of AGL poor reviews and tie it Solis inverters, yet when you read the reviews none of them had Solis inverters.

    You recommend Zeversolar, yet look at the feedback on solar quotes and they are far worse than Solis are.

    1. Solis are the cheapest inverter in the Australian Solar market. AGL and Solis are notorious for not helping out in warranty issues.
      Zeversolar before 2016 were a terrible inverter. However the newer model, the Zeverlution is excellent and costs quite a few hundred dollars more than the cheapies, like Solis, Growatt etc now.

  10. Hi all out there namesjohn pom ,I’ve just had a system fitted , with a solis 4g single phase inverter,, ,my problem is ,, the system keeps coming up with the alarm in the RED (light) ,now is it the inverter, or is it western power ,that’s our electricity company in WA having to much power in their lines, they western power have cranked down the power to 255 volts, but I noticed the red alarm light on again this morning ,, can any one out there give some advice ? Thanx

  11. i have solis inverter for 5.5kw system and cant figure out how to ready daily kwh produced on screen. Have to go online on phone
    Anyone any idea. Have been producing up to 35kw day – Hunter ValleY nsw. Only couple weeks old,

    Been taking daily readings from meter as graph on AGL website way out in readings and always a day behind, Will see how next bill is. Thinking looking for another provider.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. You need to buy the Wifi Stick and plug it in the bottom of the inverter then link it to your router, go to youtube and read the instructions but you need to buy first the wifi stick. I have just installed mine yesterday, i have a 6 KW 4G solis inverter installed and functioning since October 2018.

  12. Can anyone give me feed back on a 9.6kW Solis inverter? Or would I be better getting 2x5kW ones?
    There’s isn’t really any feedback here, only fact sheets.

  13. Gregory Chijoff

    I have a Solis 10kW 4G 3 phase inverter running 11kW of CanadianSolar KuPower 315w panels and I couldn’t be happier. Data logging via web portal and phone app works well. Early days yet – one month. Will post another review in a year.

  14. Just Started installing for a new company and they sent this shit out for installing. Wondered how bad it was so started snooping about.
    Honesty is a great policy, one not adhered to by most sales companies. Stick to Fronius and Sma all the way.

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