Munsterland solar panels review

Munsterland solar panels review

Now; Munsterland solar panels have generated quite a bit of controversy over the years in Australia. This is in part down to the fact that whilst having a rather German-sounding name, they are not actually from Germany. In fact; as far as I know the company has never been based in Germany and the products have never even been designed in Germany. It is actually a Chinese company. Let’s put that to one side for a second though. Let’s instead take a little look at this company in a bit more depth in this Munsterland Solar Panels Review.

Quality of Build

One of the problems I have with Chinese products is the fact that many of them are direct copies of some of the biggest manufacturer’s products in the world. In order to lower costs however they do tend to use sub-par parts. It is tough to know whether they have done this with the Munsterland products simply because I do not know what they have been based upon. That being said; for the low price that you are going to be paying the Munsterland panels are not going to be all that bad. Sure; there are better companies out there when it comes to solar panels, but none even seem to come close to the quality that Munsterland is able to pump out at a low price. If you are working to a budget then there is absolutely no hesitation on my part recommending Munsterland Solar Panels.

One issue, and this is something which seems to be highlighted by many a Munsterland Solar Panels Review out there, is the fact that it is tough to get spare parts for them if you do run into any issues. I admit; the chances of you running into issues will be incredibly slim, but it is always nice to know that somebody out there has got your back should you run into issues. If you are going to be purchasing one of these products then I do suggest that you only purchased from experienced and reputable vendors. This means that you can be sure that the company will still exist should you run into any issues. You always need to be sure that you can get the parts after all!

Do I recommend the Product in this Munsterland Solar Panels Review?

This is tough to say. If you read many a Munsterland Solar Panels Review and they will tell you that the build quality on these products is hardly the best. I have to agree with that. What you do get for your money however is absolutely superb. I can’t fault these products in the slightest. If you have a bit of cash to burn on your solar panels then you will probably be best looking elsewhere to get value for your money. If you are working to a fairly meagre budget however then Munsterland is the way to go. Do make sure that you talk to the retailer beforehand to make sure you get the right panel however.

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  1. I have a minter land panel model MLS200m-72 which say it a 37 volt can this pannel work on a 24volt battery pack with out any problems, I do have a charge control. Thank you.

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