What does a 6.6kw Solar system in Brisbane cost?

The price of a 6.6kw solar system installed on your home in Brisbane will vary between $2500 for the cheapest junk you can find, installed by the cheapest solar installation crew, right up to over $10,000 for LG Neon R solar panels with Enphase Micro inverters installed by a professional solar installation team.

We discuss everything you need to know about what a 6.6kw Solar system.

We invented the 6.6 kW solar system for Brisbane Homeowners

Did you know that we are the original 6.6 kW solar systems specialist in Brisbane? We were one of the first solar companies in Brisbane who were taking advantage of the 133% oversizing STC rule on solar inverters. Back in 2013, when everyone was running 5 kW panels on a 5 kW inverter, we were running 6 kW panels on 5 kW inverters.

It didn’t take too long for the rest of Brisbane the catch up to us. We soon seen our competitors offering 6.6kw Solar systems. They were popping up all over the place.

6.6kw systems sold and installed in the Energex region (Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast) are a perfect match of 6.6kw of panels and a 5kw inverter. You will be making the most out of your 5kw inverter this way.

How much power does a 6.6kw solar system in Brisbane make?

A 6.6kw solar system should make around 10,000kw hours per year. If it is a good year the system will produce more.

USING a Dual MPPT Single phase inverter is fantastic

If your house only has a East / West facing roof that is no problems at all. A 5kw string inverter will divide the 6.6kw of solar panels over the East and West roofs. You will likely have 3.3 kw of panels on the East roof, and 3.3kw on the West. As a result, you will not be seeing the solar inverter have a bottleneck in it’s performance. You can now appreciate the fact that you will see a good blend of power made in the morning right through to the late afternoon.

“I love my East/West solar system. I first thought my roof would hinder the systems performance, but as QLD Solar & Lighting explained, it’s great. I’m making power for a longer period of time. I enjoy seeing the production of my 6.6kw solar system every evening with the monitoring because it’s always positive!”

Mark, Bridgeman Downs

6.6kw solar system
This is a picture of the East facing panels on one MPPT – The West facing roof has the other half of the 6.6kw solar system.

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You can now go bigger than a 6.6kw Solar system

We are now seeing the market move to a 10kw solar system as being the standard. 6.6kw solar systems have been standard for over 5 years now. However, more and more people that have a single-phase connection are making the switch. The Energex export limiting feature is fantastic to take advantage of. You can now upgrade your existing 6.6kw solar system and upgrade it to become a 13.2kw beast. You will love this system more as it will save most homeowners over $3000 per year in comparison to the 6.6kw solar systems $1700+.