Samil solar inverter review

Dependable and affordable, Samil solar inverter review


Heard of the Samil solar inverters? In fact, ever heard of a solar inverter? Whether yes or no, you are just about to find out whether this is an applicable solar power system for you? Therefore, read ahead to get the Samil solar inverter review.

In brief, a solar inverter is a unit which transforms the direct current output received from a PV solar panel into a utility alternating current. This is then supplied to commercial or residential electrical grids.

Moving ahead, let us see if the Samil solar inverter review is favorable or not, whether it is a good buy decision!




  1. Introduction Samil solar inverter review

The company Samil, is a leading and well known inverter manufacturer, started in China. Samil Power Company Limited is a part of the Samil Group. This segment was formed mainly for the purpose of manufacturing solar inverters. The company has ISO certifications which add to the certainty of the quality of the Samil solar inverter.


Samil solar inverter review
We have tested and installed a few Solar River inverters. We were not impressed.
  1. Product range

There is a whole variety of the types of solar inverters available, as far as the Samil group goes. From having micro inverters to having MW station, they have inverters for setting up in a single small residential roof top to having facilities for medium sized commercial purposes.

The inverters are also doing well globally with the Samil solar inverters being increasingly installed in countries like Germany, Spain, China, France and others.


There have been many Samil inverter failures.


Samil solar inverter review
Risky Business? This is a Commercial solar customer that had a Samil fail. We had to replace one of the 4 inverters within the first 12 months. We told him that more than likely we may have to be back again
  1. Features


Here are some features of one of a typical Samil solar inverter.

  1. PV Grid-tied Inverter

These are simple and flexible solar inverters.The utility is for small PV systems. There is a very easy installation process and the inverter reduces the impact of dust. The inverter is also open and interactive. These solar inverters are also very secure and effective. To add to that, there is a free access to the company’s power monitoring panel. Lastly, there are very good warranty periods promised.


The inverters have become quite popular in many countries. These solar inverters give a very good value in terms of the product performance and also have first class manuals and specifications written for support to solve any further doubts. In addition, there is a continuous marketing effort with sales people constantly trying to sell these inverter systems.

If you believe the word of the solar magazines, the inverters have been rated excellent. In fact it is also called the best inverter in Asia. The quality has always proved poor when we have used them. Moreover, the efficiency rate of the inverter is also excellent with the efficiency rate being around 97%. – This could be why we have seen so many fail.


All in all, the inverters are a poor choice. We have had too many fail to recommend installing one. The solar river series of the Samil inverters are installed all over world wide. Keep them in a clean and dust free environment, and these solar inverters will perform as is required. This ends the Samil solar inverter review. 

8 thoughts on “Samil solar inverter review”

  1. Craig shreiweis

    Hi just come home from work to my sr3k3tla1 solar was showing a fault light on just wondering if it’s a major issue you can contact me on email address or phone 0422878088 thank you Craig

    1. Daniel Queensland Solar & Lighting

      I am sorry to hear that you have issues with your Samil Solar inverter. Please contact Samil or your installer.

  2. Wait till you try to contact Samil in Lidcombe.
    All phone numbers and emails for their Lidcombe address go to Germany.

    I have an unresolved problem which has gone for four months. I have spoken to four people in their German service department, who pass the message on, and on ,and on, and on.

    You can’t complain about their Lidcomb Service Department. there isn’t one.

  3. We have a relay fault and am unable to contact the installer who is no longer operating, and Samil Australia have been disconnected from the email address given on their website.

    1. Daniel Queensland Solar & Lighting

      We were not aware that Samil has shutdown. Keep trying to get a hold of them. If not, contact us and we will try and organise a new inverter for you. Sorry to hear about this. Samil inverters have never been a good inverter.

  4. Just received my replacement unit after 11 weeks (LED display failed) now waiting on their electrician to swap inverter over .They have not shut down .

  5. I have same inverter fault light comes on and off , company unwilling to help or stand behind there product , stay away from this company

  6. Hello Don,
    How did you know your LED Display failed? I suspect mine has failed too.
    Initially the inverter had trouble starting every day but once started it worked fine then I saw a partial E in the word “ETOTAL” like the back of the E was faded out , now i have a red fault light with no display. Any hints?

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