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We offer a custom roof design to all houses. As said before, very rarely 2 houses are the same, especially in older Brisbane.

Select a Solar System from the solar deals we have put together.

  • As you could imagine, being one of Brisbane’s most loved solar companies we usually have a 1 or 2 week wait for an install. We cannot get you installed ‘tomorrow’ because we have our own solar power installers we work with consistently. We take our time to do a good job, not a fast job – Please be patient as we don’t just hire the next available installer we can find at the cheapest price. 
  • We will help give you advice on the best solar power feed-in Tariff that we know of.
  • We have an honest workmanship warranty of 10 years on all Pv systems installed. Our Solar power installers are experienced and have worked claiming Technology Certificates in conjunction with the Renewable Energy Scheme overseen by the Clean Energy Council.
  • If you were wanting a quote on other branded solar panels, talk to us. We have access to many other brands of panels and Inverters for the Brisbane solar market. The one’s we have listed below are our favourite and easiest to work with however. We can build you nearly any PV System you desire, just send us a message to our email address and we will get back to you.

As you can understand, no house is the same, and unfortunately, no houses were built with the purpose of putting solar power on the roof years later – So if you think your install might not be that simple, give us a call, or send us an email and we will chat to you in regards to what will happen in your scenario.

GoodWe Package

3kW or 6.6kW Solar System


Fronius Package

3kW, 6.6kW, 10kW or 15kW Solar System


Sunpower P3 Package

3kW, 6.6kW, 10kW or 15kW Solar System


Extra costs may be added to your solar quote depending on a number of factors;

  • Roof too high (2 Storey is fine) – Do we need to bring in a Scissor lift?
  • Some tiled roofs may require extra work – E.g Terracotta, Decramastic, etc.
  • 3 phase electricity connection
  • Meter boxes being older than around 1987 could need an upgrade before Energex will allow solar connected
  • Funny roof design
  • Call us on 0411 348 400 or 07 5636 3692 to discuss a solar install for your home, investment property, or Commercial estate. Our email is

Are you wanting to know how much it will cost to install a Solar system on your house in Brisbane?

We have been doing solar ethically and honestly since 2013!  We have helped many Brisbane residents with installing solar energy and lowering the household’s energy costs and increasing the electricity savings. They are all much more impressed with their power bill after having their solar power system installed by our installation team headed by a Clean Energy Council Solar accredited Electrician.

**THE BRISBANE SOLAR SYSTEM PRICES that you are after are at the bottom of this page

queensland solar and lighting reviews

We must tell you that while our solar packages are cheap, we do not sacrifice quality or service.

Our overheads are low, we rarely pay for advertising and you more than likely found us by a Google search. We are proud to not have ANY unhappy customers (you can search reviews), and we don’t intend for you to be our first

Have you seen the same ‘6.6kw cookie-cutter deals and packages on offer by the solar companies that ADVERTISE?

We are one of the rare Brisbane Solar power companies that actually offer a choice and variety of options. We stock a range of solar panels and inverters. We don’t try and railroad you into ‘the latest cheap batch of Chinese PV Panels and inverters’ to hit the market, and then mass spam the internet/ door knock your home/ cold-call you with the offer. We want to offer a choice of solar power systems that will suit your unique home and budget, not some generic ‘cheap-ass electricity Bill Buster special’ from a solar company that has ads with cricketers all over T.V – Yikes!

Monthly Brisbane Solar power System Special – September 2022

We are now able to assist you with a 13.2kw Single phase system! – These are now a commonly-sold system for Single-phase households with a family, pool, and regular AC usage. Read more about them in the system pricing below.
***2022 – We can now install Hybrid solar inverters – 7.8kw System Fully installed – $7500

Guide to buying a Solar System

Solar infographic

“I will just get 3 solar quotes and choose the cheapest…”

Solar Power installation is not something that you want to make a purchase decision, and have the main reason being, ‘Well XYZ solar company was the cheapest, so I’ll go with them‘ – There are Shonks galore in this industry! You want a QUALITY System remember!


This is a picture of me with my friend, Solar Extraordinaire, Jack ‘Longy’ Long (Founder of Solar Cutters) at the 2018 Smart Energy Expo in Darling Harbour, Sydney, 2018)

The Queensland Solar & Lighting story

I started building this rig as far back as 2012 (Check out how bad this website looked back in 2013! Haha), as a way to generate some extra sales leads whilst I was a salesman for a massive Brisbane solar company, SAE Group.


I worked for SAE Group for around 3 years before I started my own company.

Queensland Solar & Lighting was soon growing very quickly. So quickly that I felt that I could possibly do a better service for my customers if I were to manage everything from the sale to coordinating the install team, and only selecting the best installers to do the job.

So in 2016 I launched the QLD Solar & Lighting Company and started taking full responsibility for my customers and let me tell you, it pretty much has been smooth sailing ever since!

Fronius inverter sales in Brisbane


Queensland Solar & Lighting believes Fronius, in Austria, is a good choice of inverter, and a great host!


Why not seek the cheapest possible quote on your solar power installation?

Because you could possibly get scammed or have damage done to your house or sold an inferior product that has been parallel imported (with no real warranty!)

Unfortunately, we are no longer the cheapest solar company in Brisbane, but one of the more loved ones (check out our reviews).

If you are a tight-arse and still interested in trying to find solar for as cheap as possible, please go ahead and ring around the cheap national companies that you can find advertising on the TV, internet, and in newspapers. These companies are the shonky ones that you hear about and want to avoid – BUT … they are CHEAP! Just hope that they’re still in business when water sooner than later gets in the panels, causing the solar inverter to stop producing solar electricity.

check out OUR REVIEWS below!

That’s the difference between one of the best solar companies in Brisbane that takes pride in their work and a company that aims to sell solar power systems at the cheapest price in the market.

We hope you get yourself a fantastic, trouble-free solar system, if not from us, but even from one of our many reputable competitors.

We would just hate for you to stumble across this website, read the warnings, get stitched up by some rogue company with a decent marketing budget, and be regretting your purchase in a few month’s time.

This is why we smaller solar companies shake our heads when we hear, ‘We went with Origin for solar because they’re the biggest and our electricity retailer, and were $100 cheaper!’ Unfortunately, the biggest does not mean the best, but it may mean something like this below;

Origin Solar power reviews


Origin (probably your Electricity retailer, or once were) would be the ‘biggest solar company’ installing solar power in Brisbane today, but are they the best? It doesn’t appear so

Finally, if we don’t hear from you I hope we’ve helped in some way. And if we do, I hope we you are satisfied with our service also.

Have a great day!
Daniel Jarrett – 0411 348 400


Installing Solar Power Systems with a Finance Payment Plan using Brighte finance

solar farm

Commercial Solar Systems we sell

The cost of getting your business converted to running on sun power is going to vary drastically from the cost to power your home. Either way, Businesses also want to reduce their energy costs.

Here’s what you can expect to spend as a business owner to get your company running on the power of the sun. We sell Commercial Solar Power Systems in Brisbane and it is really booming in 2021 with the added burden of Covid-19 on the workplace.

  • 10kw System (from $8,995)
  • 20kw System (from $16,000)
  • 30kw System (from $25,000)
  • 50kw System (from $40,000)
  • 100kw System (from $85,000)

Just looking to replace your existing solar inverter?

If your solar inverter died you might want to checkout our pricing on replacement solar inverters.

We Install Solar systems all over Brisbane, Ipwsich and Sunshine Coast!
Call us today: 07 5636 3692 or 0411 348 400

We are always putting our customers first. We want to listen to you and help you find what you need.

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