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Trina Honey Panels Review

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“Do you sell Trina Honeycomb solar panels? They’re the best!… TRINA HONEYCOMB! I need ONLY TRINA HONEYCOMB on my roof!”

Trina Honey Solar panels are the most OVERRATED PANEL in the world!!! – why on earth would anyone want to invest on a CHINESE overpriced  and unproven panel is mind boggling!! – Photon has only recently tested these dogs, with good results, but NOT EXCELLENT by any means, but they seem to be the flavour of the month in the solar game, and I would confidently say just because of the name ‘TRINA HONEY’ – Honey is a great word!!


Trina Consitently get pumped in real world conditions by cheaper and what appears to be better quality made products (WINAICO, SERAPHIM ECLIPSE, SUNPOWER, LG)

The marketing guys at Trina really deserve themselve a pat on the back with this one, as they have customers with no clue calling up solar companies and demanding ‘ TRINA HONEYCOMBS!!!’ – Too bad they dont perform all that special…

And how about the Financial strife TRINA is looking to be in?? DEADSET!


Trina Honey wouldn’t be on my list!

Maybe Trina should start making Confectionary?



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