CSUN solar panels reviews

CSUN solar panels reviews

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China Sun Energy, or CSUN as they are more commonly known, is one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels in the world. In the past the business operations of CSUN was mainly focused on producing solar cells for other manufacturers, but nowadays they place a firm focus on producing their own solar panels. That is exactly what we are going to take a little look at one this page. I want to talk to you about CSUN Solar Panel Reviews.


The quality of CSUN PANELS May have dropped in recent years. CSUN panels are a panel that has gotten cheap – Bottom of the barrel type pricing!

These panels are now being snapped up by opportunistic cheap National Solar sales companies. Just be wary of what they are doing and how they are acquiring Csun Solar panels.

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We are currently installing CSUN and SMA inverter

Quality of CSUN Solar Panels

I have to say, and just about all CSUN Solar Panel Reviews will agree with me here; the quality of the products produced by CSUN, considering they are made in China, is actually fairly decent. These products have been designed to withstand the toughest conditions. I have seen a couple of products manufactured in China (naming no names here!), which are barely able to keep up with a gust of wind. Obviously that is not ideal for use in Australia. CSUN panels are different though. These products have been tested to the extreme. I read one of the CSUN Solar Panel Reviews out there which seemed to indicate that these products have a special coating which protects it from salt water spray (ideal if you live near the coast), and all have been tested for their ability to withstand the impact of a fairly large hail stone (to great success too!). This means that you should have absolutely no issue with quality.

CSUN Solar Panels are also in Australia! 

Based in Sydney, and you can contact CSUN SOLAR in Australia with the details provided below.

Email: Australia@chinasunergy.com.
Telephone: 1300 132 162
Registered Address:Level 57 MLC Centre,19-29 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000,Australia


One of the biggest problems with products manufactured in China, and thankfully something which is not an issue for CSUN, is the fact that getting hold of spares is difficult. Once you have purchased a product it almost seems as if the company no longer wishes to deal with you. Thankfully CSUN is one of the largest solar energy providers in the world. If you purchase one of their products, and I have read many CSUN Solar Panel Reviews which back this up, then you do not have to worry about getting hold of spares. In the rare event that you do have a problem with your solar panel then you can be sure that CSUN will help you out. Almost all solar panel retailers in Australia will have access to CSUN products so getting them repaired should be no issue at all.

Do I recommend CSUN based upon other CSUN Solar Panel Reviews?

Obviously no product is perfect. But CSUN pretty well have all bases covered with their solar panel product!

This means that if you buy one of these you can be sure that you are going to get good value for money. It is pretty much one of the only PREMIUM solar panel on a  ‘budget’,  in the market which has gone through so much rigorous testing. You will not be disappointed. Very few people are when it comes to CSUN products.

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  1. Brandon Mitchell

    Hi There

    I am trying to track down 1 x CEEG 240W
    Poly black panel or CSUN in the same wattage to by can you please assist me.

    Kind Regrads

    1. Daniel Queensland Solar & Lighting

      not sure who can help you here. Try calling CSun Australia if they are still in operation

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