Schutten Solar Panels Review

Powering up with Schutten Solar Panels Review


For your PV needs, Schutten Solar Panels provide you with the required building blocks for electricity generation.

As Australia has very good sunshine throughout the year due to its latitude and try weather, there is a big push towards this utilizing this renewable energy resource. Of all the nations, Australia has the maximum sunshine available consistently throughout the year.

With the rising cost of electricity and this freely available natural resource, more and more Australians are installing Solar PV systems at their residences and establishments. With the initial thrust given by the Australian government towards using this renewable source of energy by incentive and a high feed-in tariff, more than a million homes generate their own power.

There are many PV systems available in the market. Schutten Solar Panels is one of which a lot of customers are choosing from.  Schutten is a China based manufacturer that manufactures an entire range of solar panels – both Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline types. The refinement of the Silicon used in both the types of solar panels during the manufacturing process defines these two different types of solar panels. The R&D center churns out designs that are efficient, space saving and economical.  These conform to the applicable IEC standards

schutten solar panels

Mono Schutten Solar Panels:

The Mono Panels have an even look and an even external coloring, which indicates that high purity silicon has been used. They are characterized by the cutouts at the four corners of the cell. This is done since the manufacturing process is made by using silicon ingots and the corners are cut to make silicon wafers.

  • Efficiency in low light conditions is high

o    Cloudy Conditions provide 50% of rated power

o    Rainy Conditions provide 10% of rated power

  • These panels provide the maximum electricity generation for every square inch of silicon wafer.
  • Therefore these panels are energy efficient
  • Maximum generation of electricity in the minimum space makes them very space efficient
  • The longevity of these cells outlasts all other types
  • Panels available from 20Wp to 250Wp
  • Panel sizes are from 520x290mm to 1640x992mm


Poly Schutten Solar Panels

The Poly panels are manufactured using a comparable simpler process than the Mono Panels. It can be distinguished easily over Mono panels as there is no cut out on each of the corners. During the manufacturing raw silicon after melting is poured into a square mold. After this cools down it is cut into perfect square wafers.

  • Aesthetically pleasing since they have a uniform look unlike that of the Mono Panels
  • As the silicon used is not pure, the efficiency of the panel is around 20%
  • Therefore a larger area needs to be covered to get comparable electricity generated
  • Performance is not affected much to temperature variations
  • Panels have good ultra violet ageing resistance
  • Mechanical loading performance is excellent
  • Frame is manufactured to meet durable performance when exposed to the environment.
  • Panels available from 135Wp to 300Wp
  • Panel sizes are from 1473x670mm to 4500x1956mm


Depending upon the available space and output capacity required, the customer has a varied choice from amongst the Schutten Solar Panels.

These panels have been a number one seller in Australia. You cannot go wrong with installing Schutten Panels

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