Going Green with Solar Panels Lennox Heads

Going Green with Solar panels Lennox Heads

If you are looking to gather information on solar panels in Lennox Heads, you have come to the right place.

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Lennon Heads has sunny weather all time around. This plus its wonderful head attract surfers. Sunny places are good for solar installations which will generate adequate electricity for self-consumption. For most folks this abundance of sunshine ensures that the PV System they will install will work to a higher degree of efficiency. As solar energy is a renewable resource and the ‘fuel’ is free the only cost is the capital cost of setting up the systems.

Why do you need to install a PV system at your home? For one the prices of electricity is just going up and the chances of it going south are very remote. Solar panels once installed require very little maintenance.  The solar panels and its associated equipment prices are going down. Dealers for Solar panels Lennox Heads will be able to give a good deal on this and related equipment.

Another advantage of using PV solar system is that the electricity generation is silent and there is no byproduct that is released into the atmosphere. As a renewable source of energy this is one of the cleanest sources. Therefore installation of solar panels in Lennox Heads helps in reducing in the carbon footprint of the neighborhood.

To get started, find out the energy requirements of your residence or establishments. A good way is to average out your monthly electricity consumption as given in your monthly electricity bills. Based on this you need to work out the recovery time period for the capital that you will invest in a new PV system. If your electricity consumption is greater you will be able to recover the cost faster.

cheap Solar Panels Lennox Heads

To be able to get a good quote from the dealers of Solar Panels Lennox Heads, you need to do the following:

  • Determine the area of the installation of the panels. Usually this is done on the roof of the residence or establishment
  • Measure the available area which can be used for placing solar panels. This will determine the amount of electricity can be generated
  • Determine the type of inverter required. The dealer can help you with this.
  • Look for invertors that have Wi-Fi capability as these will help in monitoring on an online control panel.
  • Determine the kind of battery you require. Depending on your budget there are various makes and models to choose from.
  • Discuss with your electricity dealer the requirements for interfacing your setup with that of the electricity grid.

For those of you who are going to install Solar Panels Lennox Heads you need to note the following regarding the PV setup:

  • Electricity generated by PV systems is a variable throughout the day. Peak solar energy is generated during the noon.
  • It is not possible for Electricity to be stored and therefore needs to be consumed as soon as it is generated.
  • Electricity that is in excess can be stored in the battery backup
  • Any excess electricity over and above this has to be given as feed in to the grid
  • The Electricity that is fed in and consumed by the Consumer is audited and adjusted by the electricity supplier. The benefit may not be immense as feed in rates are reduced

We are sure your needs for Solar Panels Lennox Heads are fulfilled.

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