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Trina Solar Panels

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Are you researching Trina Solar Panels? You have probably heard how much of a great panel they are. They are certainly a very popular solar panel.

Trina Solar Panels
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Trina Solar Panels are used on ‘premium solar panels’ and are made in China. The local solar market has heard of some recent quality issues when it comes to using the Trina’s. Customers have been reported as having issues when making a warranty claim recently.

Trina solar has only been in existence since December 1997 so they are a relatively new company in the solar game.


Trina Solar has a massive 10 year workmanship warranty on the build and manufacture of their solar panel products, and also meet the Australian Standard of 25 year performance guarantee as you would expect.

Trina Solar Panels
Look how good the warranty is for Trina Solar Panels

Trina Solar is listed as a Tier 1 panel. For this reason we are happy to sell Trina panels. We realise that a lot of customers love Trina, and there are many happy solar customers who have Trina Honey solar panels installed on their roof. We also stock a heap of Trina Panels.

Trina Honey Solar Panel is one of the top performing solar panels that you can buy in Australia. We will give you a quote on Trina’s and fully recommend them to you.



Trina panels are so efficient and reliable that they are often being mistaken as a German Made solar panel, or being made in Europe somewhere.  They are Australia’s number 1 sold solar panel and for very good reason. There has not been too many people who regret their decision in buying Trina Solar Panels Brisbane.

Trina Honey Solar Panels

As if Trina Solar weren’t already good enough, they had to go out and make Trina Honey Solar Panels. These babies are what makes Trina where it is today. With Trina Honey Solar panels having 250w-260w panels on offer, this means that any system installed with Trina Honey included is going to put out some serious power.


If you are looking for a quality solar system to be installed on your Brisbane or Gold Coast house, please call us on 07 56 36 36 92 to get your free quote. Ultimately no-one can go past Trina Solar Panels installed with an SMA Inverter.

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