Sunshine Coast Solar Power

Sunshine Coast Solar Power


In its quest to reduce the dependency on fossil energy which is fast getting depleted and also to do its best towards protecting the environment, the Australian government is encouraging everyone to move towards Solar energy.

In a sunny land like Australia, tapping the sun’s energy and using it to power homes is a great way of saving on electricity bills. There have been than a million homes which have opted to go the solar way and got panels installed.

Solar Power in Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast located in Queensland, as the name suggests has an abundance of sunshine all through the year. Residents here are making the shift towards solar energy to save on their energy bills.

Queensland also offers the best rates for the Solar Tariff program across Australia thus making it even more lucrative to have a Solar panel installed. Some advantages of having a Solar Panel installed in Sunshine Coast are as below:

  1. Substantial reduction in electricity bill by using the solar power generated to power the household appliances.
  2. Feeding back the excess generated into the grid and being eligible for credit programs, especially with Queensland having the best rate, its very lucrative to go solar.
  3. Depending on the size of the current energy bill and units consumed, it can actually be possible to have a solar system in place which can complete cover the current electricity consumption.
  4. Installing a reliable solar panel also ensures low maintenance costs and there are some with come with a performance warranty as high as 25 years.
  5. Getting a solar system installed is a very easy alternate as companies have a streamlined process in place for making the shift.

QLD Solar and Lighting – Solar System Prices Sunshine Coast

5kw solar system sunshine coast.
we install solar power up here

QLD Solar and Lighting actually started its operations in Queensland where it established its base and then moved on to cover other states in Australia.

They have a good network in Sunshine Coast and offer a complete Solar Solution offering here.

Get quote for 5kw solar system sunshine coast here


Advantages of going Solar with QLD Solar and Lighting in Brisbane

While many companies offer their services in Sunshine coast , QLD Solar and Lighting has an edge over the others on many fronts:

  1. By virtue of having started operations in Queensland, QLD has a well established base in the Sunshine Coast for their solar offerings.
  2. QLD has a comparison grid of all the top brands in Solar panel manufacturing and are able to take the best decision on suitability of panels for a Customer.
  3. They offer cost effective solutions to Customers and also give a detailed Analysis of pro’s and con’s of the panel installations along with calculations of pay back period.
  4. QLD has a team of technicians and electricians who are skilled in implementing the best panel solutions for their customers.
  5. They have a smooth process for installing panels within a two week framework.
  6. QLD analyses the current bill and then checks with solution will work best for the customer and give the maximum benefit on savings.

So getting a Solar panel installed if you are in Sunshine Coast is as easy as going to the QLD site and placing a request for a Quote.

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